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Melonie Tomb Raider
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Originally Posted by Rai View Post
^Well exactly. I love reboot Lara, but my goodness she's pale, like sickly pale. Put some colour in her cheeks, CD

Alicia has a healthy glow. I think she's naturally warm toned anyway, with a slight tan. Something Lara would be with an outdoors lifestyle.
Completely agree with this

Regarding Tancha's complaints, I think this person is just a troll at this point. First complaining about Alicia's hoodie being too big (fits exactly as a hoodie should) and now her skin tone is too dark? Good grief, this stuff is too silly to even warrant a response.
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Team Uzi
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Originally Posted by pirate1802 View Post
wtf does this mean?
Inappropriately PC.

Times change.
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Not about the film but Alicia. According to The Sun newspaper, Alicia and Michael Fassbender are getting married!

As it is the Sun, any news from them is somewhat dubious, but they don't always make stuff up.
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Enya Brennan
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Couldn't be happier for them, if it turns out to be true! They make a lovely couple And let's be honest, who wouldn't like to be married to such a charming woman!

It bugs me a bit how in the title of the article, while Alicia's referred to as an Oscar-winning actress (rightfully so, of course; there's no way I'd deny her talent), Michael is regarded as a 'hunk'. I'm a guy, for the record, and I'm all for female empowerment not trying to stir up discussion, by the way but the objectification is so jarring there that it discourages from reading further.

I know, it's a matter of sensationalism, but still, I can't help it
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Yeah they make a cute couple. I hope it is true. I didn't realize they'd met on the set of Light Between Oceans. I saw that film and obviously by release they were an item, but their on screen chemistry was so believable I'd have put them together for years.

Yeah, that title is a tad off. But honestly, it's so often the other way round with the man getting the career acknowledgement with "sexy young gf/wife" or whatever. It's the Sun, so meh, it's expected.
It's Tombtember
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LHV Croft
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I hope the trailer is spectacular. Because the delay is a lot
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I feel a trailer is fairly close. With the trailer will most likely also come a Theatrical Poster.

I'm betting this time next month it'll be here.
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I hope you're right, we are only 6 months away from release and we have very little info. This seems to be the case with everything TR related after TR2013 released
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