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Originally Posted by lcroft_lc View Post
Shadow's sequel will be held on Egypt as well. The one which is developing by CrystalD. It will be called Revolution of the Tomb Raider.
Surely you mean Revelation of the Tomb Raider
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Originally Posted by Patrick star View Post
Really ? the pics are all over the internet on every gaming site right now
Funny how it spreads like wildfire and most of these sites don't even bother to write about the Kickstarter. Why am I not surprised? [/rant]

About the concepts, I'm really happy about Mexico and mayan pyramids possibly being in the game! I'm hoping for some sunny parts as well, unlike the stormy weather shown on the pics (I've become pretty tired of the dark rainy atmosphere in the past few games).
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Originally Posted by Kivlov View Post
You missed Identification of the Tomb Raider, Supremacy of the Tomb Raider, Ultimatum of the Tomb Raider and Legacy of the Tomb Raider.
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Revelation of the Tomb Raider eh

It should be set in Egypt. The third game of the trilogy arc shows Lara fully transition into the Tomb Raider, then the 4th game is set 8 years later and you have a fully realised, mature and confident Lara. Then she dies at the end.
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Jorje Croft
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Originally Posted by James_Rutland View Post
Then she dies at the end.
then we die. I really hope TR franchise will end before my death. lol
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Originally Posted by Patrick star View Post
Okay , I'm starting to like the title "Shadow of the Tomb Raider" , it knew it was going to happen sooner than later
I was the first to post about it here. I'm kind of proud of that, not gonna lie. You guys are super fast when it comes to TR news.
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Originally Posted by scremanie View Post
Rise had beautiful colours, wtf are you talking about??
Aside from Syria the ENTIRITY of rise was different hues of white, grey and blue...

Crystal seriously need to mix it up. Tomb Raider used to be about vibrant varied locations; Egyptian Deserts, Pacific Islands, Desolate Mountains, Tropical Jungle...

It's another area where Naughty Dog seemed to take what CORE used to do in the classic TR games and bring it up to modern standards; i.e. the contrast between orange Madagascar/Turquoise Islands/Greenery of the Forests. As to why Crystal feel the need to stick to 3 colours (over exaggeration for emphasis ) is beyond me!

EDIT: Oh, seems you folks got there first:

Originally Posted by Lara_Fan1 View Post
That they use dark/boring colour's in their games? Syria was great, they used the brighter colours great in this section of the game but the rest of the game got a-bit bland. White, Grey, Green, Blue. They need to mix it up a little.
Originally Posted by Patrick star View Post
The problem was putting 97% of the game in Siberia which would naturally force specific colors on them and make the game very snow-and-ice centric , whereas when an opportunity for realistically brighter and warmer colors came , they didn't waste it , and that was the Syria level .
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