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Originally Posted by Mani_Man View Post
In this week a man tried to burn a couple in spain or somewhere because he thought they were sinners, a homeless man tried to strangle a child because he thought he saw satan in it, a couple wanted to abduct a child because it was Jesus reborn and so on.

But like i said, the fact that it is based on Western Religion gets mostly downplayed because those people are simply considered crazy.
Fact is that every day in some parts of the world, religious based crimes happen...but its mostly just seen as the work of Mentaly unstable people.
Those incidents are quite a bit different from say, bombing a concert or trying to murder random innocents with a van in the name of Islamism. You're confusing religiously-motivated crime with terrorism. If a Christian fundamentalist bombed a mosque and cited religion that would be labeled by basically everyone as terrorism (because it is).

There is no double standard here.
No regrets, Mr Freeman.
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