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Originally Posted by Heckler View Post
Absolutely loving this project so far. Ran it through my lighting and post processing system for the TR3 remake to give it a current gen look and I'm really impressed! The code is extremely optimized and well thought through!
Amazing work Laras Dream!




Whoa, that looks awesome. I canít wait to see what people do with this. Brilliant work. Laras Dream.
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Wow.. that really makes the streets look pretty.
Loving those light ray effects too.

IMO this is what a modern TR needs to look like lol

Can't wait to see what exciting levels and Lara models people can make with this.
Someone is making an amazing Classic Lara skin for AOD at the moment in the Modding section.. I can almost imagine that in those screens.
Just for reference, if I downloaded Unity, can these demo assets be used to build a new level for example?
I'm a total noob to Unity and those sorts engines haha
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