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Originally Posted by LuckyEdge10 View Post
You are using a veeeery old version
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Originally Posted by Peixoto View Post
You are using a veeeery old version
I used the 28 version. Anyway, I made the textures + FMVs work by putting the Textures folder un the mods folder.
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I've just had my first contact with this patch.
But I'm getting something like this, what's wrong?

It says EPC but I get identical bug for multipatch as well.
The package I'm using is full AHK from this thread, February.
It was the only one which gave me untrimmed, proper 16:9.

I tried Tomb2Fix from the same pack but it cuts off health and air bar.
It also shows window title bar and thick border, unlike AHK I referred.

This happens even with all directs and redistributables installed.
I only made it work when I applied this border fix from here.
But it kills game music for me so it's not a good fix.
Also after that the last update from vogons thread won't load at all.

So to me each of those methods fixes one thing but damages another.
Could you please take a look into it and contrapt a complete solution?


OK, currently, assuming all libraries are installed, it's as follows:

peixoto multipatch, no border fix = proper visuals, music ON
peixoto multipatch, with border fix = proper visuals, music ON
peixoto epc, no border fix = messed up textures, music ON
peixoto epc with border fix = fine textures, music OFF.

It looks like in the meantime I did something else which helped.
Not sure what, maybe just a PC restart or something that simple.
I have no clue why the border fix disables music all of a sudden.
But it surely includes that one little thing needed for EPC to work.

Now EPC textures aren't messed up all the time even without border fix.
It feels like element capable of supporting EPC was already there, trying to work.
It also feels like present both in the border fix and the current Peixoto compilation.
Maybe I gave some clue about what it could be. You know more than me though.
Just saying it feels like only a little effort to make both exes supported
And I care about EPC because of no ceiling bug and versatility in speedrunning.
Would you kindly please take a look into this?

EDIT: Allright you can discard what I said, after 20 minutes it's different again.
Now textures are messed up regardless from border fix, and with multipatch exe.
I'm legit confused since I double-checked and it surely wasn't like this...
also I changed absolutely nothing in the configuration in the meantime...
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