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After completing Level 1, I recieved this error message: "FATAL: (H:\data\level3.TR2) requires a new TOMB2.EXE (version 1388225) to run"

Now after doing the compatability for the game, I proceeded to go back to starting all over again, and I am unable to use my Gravis Eliminator Aftershock.

What can I do?
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Welcome to the forum...

I'm running WinXP too and I got the same message. I did the compatability choosing Win98/WinMe and the game worked fine...

Why did you restart the game??

Regarding your gamepad, I used to use one when I was running Win98 (not for a TR game) and I had a little problem with that. I solved it when I assigned my gamepad to ID 1 (from the Control Panel). The bad thing is that I don't use the gamepad now and I don't know if you can set this thing with the same way... But you can try... Try to find the setting from the Control Panel, Game Controllers choosing your controller and clicking on Properties or on the Advanced button...

I don't know what else to say... Sorry...
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USB devices (gamepads and joysticks) are not supported when running 2k/XP in Compatibility Mode.

What I do myself is save before the very end of a level, wait for the crash (if any), relaunch the game in Compatibility Mode, finish the level using my keyboard as a gaming device (yuck!), wait for the next level to load and finally save again right after that.

Then I quit TR2, deactivate the Compatibility Mode and run the game as usual. Now I can pick up my last save and enjoy my PSX pad until the next crash

It's a bearable PITA compared to the bliss of playing TR2 in a modern environment...
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