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Originally Posted by Peep Show View Post
Oh my... So if you're Bethesda you can get away with a buggy game, pretty cool double standards you have there like I said. There is NO excuse for a buggy game.
Lol, you read what you want to read. The complexity of Bethesda's games and the fact they are multiconsole releases explain the technical issues. Would I want a steady experience? Of course, but the amount of content and freedom excuse the optimization issues. That's my point: there is enough content and liberty that I can overlook a flaw.

Originally Posted by Peep Show View Post
And I can't @ GTA having good gameplay LOL, Rockstar can create great open worlds, but their gameplay is extremely basic. Their on foot controls, and shooting mechanics are terrible and really clunky compared to Watch Dogs for example. Let me not even start with their side missions, those are so repetitive it hurts.
GTA is as flawed as any other game, but the amount of content allow me to live with the flaws.

Originally Posted by Peep Show View Post
I won't even reply to the rest, you're calling me a fanboy while making up excuses for your beloved games.
Sigh.... My point was never about "perfection" but "content", since the very beginning. Every game I mentioned are flawed on many other levels but I can overlook these flaws if there is enough content to forget about them.

The Last Guardian is a linear story-focused game while being a console exclusive. The only playable part of the game is the storyline, nothing else. If the sole content of the game is flawed/bugged, you have nothing else to entertain you.

Fallout 4 is filled with content, side quests, freedom. You can build settlements, explore, craft, do quests, create new characters and make new choices and so on. It's the pure definition of a sandbox game and there is so much content that I can forgive some bugs. Content ► Bugs... Most of the time that is.

In the case of Horizon, I will forgive a flawed gameplay or broken mechanics if the open world is truly alive, with tons of side-activities, content, side-quests or areas to explore and discover. If they add to the mix a replay chapter mode (something I tend to truly appreciate) then I'll be more than pleased.

The thing though is that none of us know the amount of content and mechanics we'll get outside the main storyline, which could be completed in 10 hours as far as we know. It's pointless to argue about it or to convince me of anything right now because the game is not yet released. We cannot tell if pre-ordering is a safe bet neither nor if it will be worth its price and no amount of trailers or previews will change that until we get closer to release and we get more different opinions.

I keep repeating myself, because it's the best example out there but Infamous: Second Son is an open world game, sort of, but outside the main narrative there's nothing to do. The map felt lifeless. I don't want the same thing to happen with Horizon.

You seem to have convinced yourself that I hated or wanted to hate Horizon, which proves that you truly need to train your reading skills. I love what I've seen so far, but we don't know what else there is out there. My whole argument is based on fears and concerns. Irrational ones, perhaps, or justified, who knows. I just want the game to be good and filled with content but I have no solid ground right now to say this... And instead of simply acknowledging a different view, you decided to laugh at me and discredit my point. Lovely.

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Originally Posted by WWETombRaider View Post
Honestly, I'm still debating. It's only a matter of time before they sell out. I just don't want to change my mind, then resort to checking eBay and sifting through the scalpers' overpriced ones for a decently priced one.

EDIT: Caved. Pre-ordered it.
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