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New Dwight
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Originally Posted by Grimaldi View Post
And people say reboot Lara doesn’t like raiding tombs.

Jessop: Help! I need immediate aid!
Lara: Oh, I’ve got time. *aggressively turns cranks* *gasp of awe*
That’s true!
I used to resent Lara saying “I hate tomb”. But I know now she was just being sarcastic. “Speaking in the moment”. As after saying that, she goes right to being in awe about the tomb.
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Originally Posted by biscuits View Post
Lol. This reminds me; you know how there's always that one optional tomb that you encounter on your way to Captain Jessop? During every playthrough I always ventured inside of that tomb thinking "Captain Jessop can wait a few more minutes".
Personally I remember on the one to go see Alex, while I feel they were executed poorly, I do like the idea of extra puzzles for extra items, now I just got the mental image of a Tomb inside the Endurance, ya got poor Alex about to be butchered and Laras tinkering with ropes to steal some dead crewmates belongings.
"What does it mean to a Tomb Raider?,It means to collect artifacts for sport"
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