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Default The Deck: Bug Use Warning (Spoilers)

I mucked up my no scratch run through The Deck so I spent some time messing around seeing where I could get to using the corner bug and I came across what might be a game stopping glitch.

On the main ground level area you get to by jumping into the water near the start and swimming through a passageway you're supposed to use the Stern Key to open a door behind some crates.

I had the key of course but before using it I went down the trap door which opens in the metalwork of the ship and leads to a room with a short ladder leading to a lever to its right. The ladder is blocked so at that point you're not supposed to be able to get up there but, with a corner bug, you can.

If you pull that lever you're given a quick glimpse of the crate area and you think nothing of it. But the problem I discovered is that when you decide to use the Stern Key afterwards, whilst the lock accepts it, the door doesn't open.

I assumed it was pulling that lever early that was the trigger. Going back and resetting it doesn't work, the door appears to be permanently locked. Reloading the save made afterwards or reloading the game did not clear the glitch either.

Another save had been made at the start so using that I did the area properly and the door opened as it was meant too.

There are other ways off the ground floor using a difficult-ish jump or other corner bugs but without access to that locked room I'm not sure if you can complete the rest of the level, at least not by normal means.

This can not be new now but I couldn't find any reference to it in any TR2 glitch list I've found. I'm not minded to find out whether it is repeatable by trying to trigger it again as I don't want to risk messing up the current run.

Is that door being permanently locked a known problem?

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Originally Posted by fallenangle View Post
Is that door being permanently locked a known problem?
Not from what I've heard, but that's what you get for screwing around with level scripts
Seal it, Larson.
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