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Originally Posted by ChocolateFan View Post
Yes, my username refers to you! Sorry for that, only after I made it I realized that I had to ask your permission. But how would I ask your permission without creating it before? This is like the chicken and egg problem, anyway, if you did not like it, I can delete this account and create another, no problem.
The word "chocolate" is not trademarked so there's no need to ask anyone. Or at least not the user Chocolate.
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Yeah that's fine, it's not like I own the word Chocolate after all! You could have made your username ChocolateHater and I would have no power to do anything (although I might have buggered your inbox with annoying messages from time to time haha)

Oh gosh, looking at posts like that make me cringe at my old self. The joys of being a hyperactive teen who didn't know any better. I don't even remember the logic of what I was writing at the time. But it's common 'slang' to use the word "like" before continuing your sentence and I guess I was just trying to convey some overused speech habit to be funny? I don't notice it being used much these days anymore. I find that today, "in terms of" is the new hip phrase to overuse before continuing your sentence...
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Oh now I understand!! It is a cliché! "In terms of" is well known, but to me the most annoying is "At the end of the day". I do not know why people use clichés, they add nothing to what you are saying!

EDIT: I think I'm going off-topic! I will silence myself...

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