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Originally Posted by TR-Freak View Post
I use TRLE with StrPix to modify the outfit and use FexMerger to transfer the objects.
well if you keep crashing trying to merge the outfit in, you can always compile a level with all the outfit elements you've created into a .TR4, and merge the outfit contents into the .TR4 levels of the official game using meta2TR. It is what I did for my own outfit creation some months ago. But it isn't perfect either as it did cause some glitchiness in the City levels (which I still haven't gotten around to fixing).

Anyway, point is if it doesn't work with Fexmerger, you can try meta2TR and see if that works better and vice versa.
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Originally Posted by The Great Chi View Post
Opps!, no nude raider allowed here, so Skeleton Lara goes to the Boutique shop
Chi what have you done! It's good to see you still have a flair at messing around with Tomb Raider

About the mod, I think it's looking good! I've never minded Lara's slightly sexual tone because I think being sexy doesn't automatically make you incompetent/weak/whatever, and I think that actually TR4 is my favourite for treating Lara like a serious, yet still compassionate enough character. I do agree the cleavage texture is terrible just because the polygon graphics are a terrible way to show them, and what bothered me more was the silly angles of Lara climbing up a pole in a tight space. I can't see where Lara is going, and I'm supposed to feel scared I'm in a scary tomb, not laughing that the camera has zoomed right into her butt! Anyway, I digress...

I like that the outfit is putting in mind realism of a woman's outfit where she's going to be jumping and shooting things all over the place These are perhaps some OCD suggestions but I would prefer if instead of the V-shape neck it was just one continuous line. The boots probably look "big" because of the position and size of the laces, if they were reduced a bit I think they'd look in proportion again. Lastly I agree there is something odd about Lara's face...it never actually bothered me much when playing TR4 but now that everything else in this model has been improved on for realism, the face does look a bit like it should match with the upgrade! It could be the eyes, but I guess it may take some playing around to see which looks best.

Good luck! Look forward to seeing more progress.
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Chi Iím laughing so hard

I definitely think youíve done a good job with this TR-Freak!! Nothing wrong with making Lara look a bit more realistic. Her model in TR4/5 always annoyed me as well, it seemed rushed. I really like how you put holster straps around her legs, that was a detail in the game that really irked me because they left it out and made her model just look really careless. The feet are a little big but other than that I think itís a great improvement, well done!
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Originally Posted by TR-Freak View Post

The textures still need some adjustments (especially the boots and the butt)

I exchanged her lower legs with the ones from Young Lara (more polygons) which is why the boots are bigger.
I know this might still be a WIP but it just looks really odd to me. Not 1994 Killer Instinct B. Orchid odd, but something just doesn't look right. Maybe it's the shoulders...

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