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Amazing, thanks! Where did you find the whole thing?

I spent 3 hours trying to reverse search for other images in Google with no luck... When I upscale them Google just refuses to recognize them completely, I only get suggestions for different pictures of things such as "sky" "nature" "still life"... National Trust Collection only seems to index artwork by the name and not tags, so it's not easy to search it by image content...

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If you click on the pictures I posted it will give you the bigger version. This is the picture I found.

The default sorting at the National Trust Collections site is "Sort by Relevance" which does seem to prioritize on item names first, but the list of search results include items that have the search term appearing in eg. their summary. Other types of sorting can be selected and clicking "Explore and refine your search" gives a lot of search options.

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Originally Posted by aidanmalone View Post
Ahh thank you so much rainforest!
I did indeed try to reverse search it myself but it seems you did it right :P

This is another painting I found, this seems to be a portrait of Shakespeare.

EDIT: Here sits the new remastered picture in her main hall!
Wow, I would have never thought it was a real painting. I never really paid any attention to the paintings whatsoever that were in Lara's manor in any of the games.

Originally Posted by The Great Chi View Post
Always amazed how Tomb Raider fans look into such minute (small) detail in a level.

Well done on finding the origin of each painting, and what it meant to the Croft family
Right, As I said above I never would have thought. I figured it was all just fake textures to look like it was some thing. lol Gotta love how you guys pay attention to the detail. Perhaps I need to pay a bit more attention when playing the tomb raider games
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