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Default "Insecure login" for tombraiderforums with new Firefox update

My Firefox browser just updated over the weekend and since about 24 hours ago I've gotten this security message when I click on the username field to login. The "learn more" link takes me to the mozilla firefox support page on the new "insecure login" addition to the latest update.

Since this site doesn't use https (unless it does and my browser just doesn't like the https version for some reason), I've been seeing this warning every time I click the username field and fill them in.

Is this something to worry about or is it safe to use?
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tlr online
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In January, starting with Firefox 51, Mozilla will show a lock icon with a red slash through it when a non-secure page collects a password. In future releases, it will be even more severe: a dropdown security warning will appear in any password field warning that the form page isn’t secure.
I will move over to https ASAP.
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This is nothing to do with the TR Forums, its happening to me on many sites awell.
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