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Nigel Cassidy
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Originally Posted by Blue_light View Post

Funny, I always considered it as the "orange" level.
+ dark blue of course. Anyway, for a long time I considered Underworld a massive failure and disappointment. And I still think it is a very flawed game, but ever since... you know, those other games I found a new appreciation for it... Like Passenger said: 'Well you only need the light when it's burning low, only miss the sun when it starts to snow, only know you love her when you let her go...'
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Daring Do
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Underworld is definitely one of the weaker TRs but it's not that bad. I still enjoyed it. The DS version is great tho
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TRU did have some good ambiance and beautiful music. Especially the fight music. It makes me wanna do acrobatics and fight tigers.
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I just started my game yesterday and i'm already about halfway through. I am solving the puzzles much faster than on my first playthrough this time around and I amaze myself !

Now I almost finished the chapter just after where you go to the Croft Manor. If I remember correctly I started to to have some trouble when I reached the Mexico chapters, and i'm almost there, so we'll see how it goes and if I finish the game or not.
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Patrick star
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Underworld's strength points : Puzzle design , Keeley Hawes , the music , Thailand , Mexico , Mjolinir , enemy variety , biggest moveset of Lara ever , and the graphics .

Underworld's weakness points : everything else .

I'd give the game an overal 6.2/10 , if all levels were like Thailand and Mexico , I would've forgiven the ****ty combat , jerky animations and drunk Camera , and the game would've taken a solid 8.5 from me .

As for people saying LAU was "more colorful" than the Reboot games , sorry but I couldn't disagree more . At least the reboot games where realistically less colorful , as in : the locations are grounded in reality , you can't be super wild in colors in places where it doesn't fit for the game not to look silly/fake , you can't color a snowy forest at night or a valley that was meant to be harsh and arid with rainbow colors , yet when it's appropriate , strong saturated colors were applied , example :Syria .

Now to LAU , it was a completely different case , the locations at many instances were lacking in color in an unrealistic way , take Anniversary's Egypt for example , it had an overall grey color scheme when REAL LIFE Egypt has a Yellowish color scheme , also compare Legend's Bolivia to Rise's Syria (same type of environment , yet Syria had warm colors that Bolivia didn't) . Yet Underworld's Mexico and Anniversary's Peru for example where colored realistically , I particularly liked how CD designed the tomb of Qualopec without the silly colors of the TR1 version , making it look like an actual rotten and dusty tomb instead of some fake-looking assets that resembled some children play decorations rather than a deserted ruined shrine .

And I even like Legend a lot , but I'm just being honest here
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Originally Posted by maikaal View Post
It's the last real Tomb Raider after all. I played it in 2014 and was surprised that it was classic TR in modern skin, I had expected something along the lines of Legend. The beginning of Thailand is one of my fav game locations. God bless Donald Trump.
I haven't played it in a couple of years, but even after playing games with much better graphics, the color scheme, lighting, the WATER supersedes the rest. It's one of the most stunning areas I've seen in videogames.

The ambient music in Thailand is fantastic. It's not necessarily a "score" or background music, it's audial atmosphere defined.

Originally Posted by Phlip View Post
I feel like at face value it looks like a modernised classic, but aside from Thailand and Mexico, the whole game has very little meat to it. Add to that the abundance of invisible walls, glitches and lack of classic Lara, I personally disagree when you call it the last true TR.
Arctic Sea was rather meh. It doesn't really have much going on for it. Croft Manor is also pretty limited. But I thought the progression and backtracking of Med Sea as well as the mechanics of the puzzles were excellent. And Beneath the Ashes is a Core lovechild. Lara's Shadow is weird; it plays like it was trying to be something like the equivalent of Kurtis' section in AOD.

Besides the crappy climbing animations, swimming animations looking too fast, the camera being a bit wonky, being able to "fall down" if attacked by a tiger while flipping, and being able to get stuck in "spider webs", I don't recall any actual glitches.

I think there are several elements of classic Lara in there, she's just a lot more personable and has a larger network of allies. Her pissed off outburst to Natla, Doppelgänger, and Amanda; her being curt with Nishimoto "I don't know. Why don't you try begging for you life the last time we spoke;" general sarcasm (much less monotonous in delivery); playfulness with Rutland; knower her priorities lie with killing Natla and not sticking around after Alister's death; and she's still a daredevil gymnast warrior woman like Core Lara.
I've played Thailand at least 10 times, and I ALWAYS forget how to do that rotation puzzle with the walls at the end.

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I finished the ps3 version yesterday for the first time (only played it on PC before)....
Oh boy.
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Originally Posted by Lillie View Post
I finished the ps3 version yesterday for the first time (only played it on PC before)....
Oh boy.
Me I played the PS3 version first anf now i'm playing the PC version. I'm at the Valhalla level now and I don't like that level. In fact, I don't like most of the levels starting from the second half of The Midgard Serpent where there's the poisonous water. But since i'm close to the end I think I will complete the game.
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Originally Posted by Gian Carlo View Post
When the next reboot comes people will praise the current one. It's always like this...
Ever heard of the phrase: "the good old days"?

As for Underworld, for me only the first half of the game I consider good.
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Originally Posted by thabani33 View Post
Ever heard of the phrase: "the good old days"?
For a lot of old-school fans "the good old days" ended after AoD. I myself to this day despise the LAU trilogy and nothing ever will change that, no matter how different the future TR games will be.
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