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New Dwight
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Like seriously, how many times is one gonna say the same settings?
You broken records.
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Originally Posted by Enya Brennan View Post
I'm struggling to come up with ways in which the puzzles difficulty settings will affect them. There won't be any modifications to the actual structure and procedure of the puzzles, are they? I mean, it'd be too much of a hassle to design and implement different solutions to the same puzzle, so I doubt they've gone that way.

How do you think the varying settings will influence the puzzle-solving method outside of the usual removal of visual and verbal hints and path indicators?
I think because in the Nintendo conference they said Lara wouldn't talk at all during hard mode while solving puzzles so her giving hints would be the replay value in terms of novelty within the difficulty settings.
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Originally Posted by charmedangelin View Post
Combat: Easy/Normal
Transversal: Hard
Navigation: Hard
Puzzles: Hard

Depending on how annoying combat is it maybe on easy or normal.
This is exactly what I'm leaning towards. If combat is what I'm expecting it's going to be, I'm switching it to easy. But I'll try normal for the first little bit.
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Originally Posted by Lukass View Post
Combat - normal
Traversal - hard
Navigation - hard
Puzzles - hard

I miss the classic gameplay features and now I can experience it again after so many years.
Same for as well.
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HD Simplicityy
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Hmmm reminds me of what difficulty I choose for new Halo FPS games when they release, or what I will play Battlefield V on. I usually go for a normal combat setting to enjoy it at first. However, since both the reboot games are fairly easy combat wise, I might up the ante and make it more challenging. Like going from Normal to Heroic in Halo, with Legendary Solo reserved for when I've experienced the campaign enough and am ready for a challenge..or a friend wants to play it too. For Shadow, if it plays relatively the same as TR and Rise, I'll most likely make it tougher in all the categories. If not that, I'll make the puzzles easier on me; I'm not great at TR puzzles haha.
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Everything on hard.
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gonna put everything on hard. with rise i liked how you could make fighting easier by yourself just for exploring and collecting rare ressources.

i hope itll be the same for shadow. i like the aspect of being punished for rushing through the game. like in the classics, the game got harder if you didnt collect ammo and medipacks because you were just running straight forward
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Normally with any new game I start on Normal and move onto Hard after a few playthroughs, but seeing how TR generally lacks a challenge for me, I might start with Hard straight away to actually try a bit harder
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