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All of the rise soundtrack sounds so similar tbh it's really forgettable I can only remember the part of the main theme that played whenever anything noteworthy happened
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Originally Posted by redfox45 View Post
AimlessThunder already posted it under a different name 'high tension'

Essentially a high action mix of 'The Cistern' arguably the best track in the game SOO awesome.

Even though it feels very minimal it sounds like they are still making use out of the custom instrument they had sculpted which is cool but I feel they should have continued to implement it in stuff like this more as it's the most innovative and artistic thing i've ever heard of a composer doing.

They had a unique instrument created for the game. How could anyone call generic or lazy?
I agree with you here
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Talos Munera
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Originally Posted by AntRaidsTombs View Post
So the Tower Battle wasn't memorable?


*I still haven't figured out to embed videos yet*

I love this music!!! Thanks for the link
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