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Originally Posted by Only TR lover View Post
Today the music school was empty so I managed to play piano a bit... nothing spectacular, just some improvisations on classic and reboot TR themes.

If you ask me to repeat it exactly like this one more time, I couldn't lol something new comes up every time when I play it xD

I must say that SotTR made my hyped! Can't wait to hear more music from the game Hope you'll enjoy it

Oh my God this is incredible!!!! I nearly cried! Thank youuuuu
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Only TR lover
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Thanks everybody! Having a 5 months old baby at home doesn't leave enough time to make a proper recording so I have to make them at work during the breaks haha

Originally Posted by .:Tirivol:. View Post
Do I also hear a hint of Angel of Darkness?

Wonderfull work anyway

Yup, AoD theme is also somewhere in there
I got sad when I realized how many people have left the forums since 2002. :/
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Quite good. (Which is high praise from me.)
Puck puck puck BOOM!
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