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Originally Posted by PallasAthene View Post
Lol, thank you.

Timberland is a brand, people. They make more than one style of boot

I actually have a pair of Charles Streets. They're really nice boots, (and waterproof!).
Wish they still made them
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Originally Posted by PallasAthene View Post
I kind of wish they'd gone with the Timberland boots from the reboot games. The ones Alicia is wearing are very clumpy-looking.

I think people should give Alicia a break about the appearance of her body though. She is obviously very fit, and while I do think she's a little skinny-legged, she's still beautiful and will bring a lot to the character, simply because she's a very talented actress. Isn't that what counts? Funnily enough, I think Alicia actually has more of an arse than Angelina, who really is flat as a pancake in that department.
Well they are close enough so it makes little matter tbh. They even have the side zipper.

And omg you have the actual timberlands! That's so awesome Jealous.
And also nice to know they are water proof, adds a layer of believebility to Lara using them so much.
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Maybe It's like a provisional outfit for training, so she gets use to the clothes?
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The clothes that Alicia has on? I doubt it... from the photos it looks like they were properly filming. Unless they re-shoot the scene or scrap it completely and change her clothes, then this is the outfit we will see in the movie.
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