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Originally Posted by Samz View Post
Its like Lara's weapons showing on her model (another thing really ahead of it's time) its a cool little detail that helps immersion, I was amazed when I saw Lara take out the Desert Eagle in TR3 and the game remembered the MP5 slung across my back, my Uzi in my left holster and the Desert Eagle in the right.

Its pretty cool, somehow the Reboot can't manage this detail and no other ps1 game to my knowledge has it.
This is one case in which the archaic techniques used to create Lara's model in the classics work to its advantage.

Lara's guns don't technically exist as their own entities in the early games, they're just swapped bodyparts with unique meshes, commands, and a couple of animations. As such, they only swap a mesh (left thigh, right thigh, chest) when the engine calls for it during holstering/equipping.

So when you put your MP5 away, it swaps Lara's chest mesh with one that has the MP5 attached to it, and will only get rid of that when it is told to swap the chest mesh with a different one (either changing to another weapon on her back, or drawing the gun), so using handguns that affect her thigh meshes only would have no impact on the MP5 on her back.

Same thing with the desert eagle. There is a left thigh swap, and a right thigh swap. Holstering the desert eagle only changes the right thigh, so whatever state the left one was in remains unchanged be it empty, or with a different gun in it. The game doesn't really remember that the pistol is still in the left thigh holster, it just hasn't had a command to update it.

Nowadays weapons are programmed as individual entities, that swap in and out of existence as needed. In order to achieve the same effect, developers have to add more code in to tell the game that gun A doesn't conflict with gun B, but gun C does so gun A must despawn for gun C but not gun B. It's a lot more work. You can actually see how glitchy it is in Tomb Raider Anniversary as when the level loads all the guns are spawned in the holsters, and only correct themselves when you switch weapon.

Basically, when the classics were being made it was more work to have the empty holster spawn in when you drew the desert eagle, than leave it in whatever state it was before. Now the reverse is true.

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