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Originally Posted by Kapu View Post
I have The Last Revelation soundtrack for sure (uploading as I type), but I'm not sure about the Chronicles soundtrack. If I have it, it's on another PC I don't have access to at the moment. I'll check later this week; if I have it I'll also upload it.

EDIT: Link to the lossless TRL soundtrack.
Thank you! I actually already got TR5 from Suikaze Raider
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Originally Posted by hocuspocus View Post
Hey guys, I know I'm 5 god damn years late to the party
But I couldn't find any download links for the tracks released by Connelly in 2012 on Soundcloud, ...
Me too I was 5 years late and couldn't find any working link: I thought I lost any chance to get it But he tought of asking and then:

Originally Posted by Kapu View Post
So as hocuspocus, I say Oooh, thank you THANK YOU
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