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Very excited, but skeptical on some things 79 50.00%
Looks ok, but I'm not impressed just yet 11 6.96%
Downright awful, I am definitely disappointed 2 1.27%
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Melonie Tomb Raider
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Originally Posted by Fantasy View Post
Honestly, as a fan since 1997, this is everything I was hoping for after playing TR and Rise. There are a few things that could be tweaked or improved but it’s the same with any video game. Eidos Montreal have done an incredible job.
My thoughts exactly
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I'm in-between excited and "looks ok". Voted for excited.

Shadow seems to have tons of content that make it an improvement over Rise: puzzle and exploration difficulty settings, tropical environments, the return of swimming (something that should have never been removed to begin with btw), deadlier tombs, more outfits, a stronger Lara...

... But at the same time, I'm unable to fill proper hype when I look at footages. It looks "ok". Not in a bad way, but it is everything I expected the game to be. They're sticking to the core of the formula, which is perfectly fine, and add a few new additions there and there. It's jut how it is but... it also comes at the cost of being predictable.

Also, the animations are just bad. That will forever be my biggest gripe. I can't believe we're still using animations from last generation. I could look past that in Rise, but there is just no excuse for Shadow. Lara moves like a robot in so many situations that it just break the charm. The facial animation + lipsync being off also doesn't help the overall presentation.

In all, it gives me the feeling that Shadow might be an inconsistent product. Good there, very bad there, awesome there, again bad there... From one department to another.

That + the insane prices of 120$ CAN for the whole experience also killed my hype for the most part. I mean, I have lots of hours in Rise, but Rise was also miles away in term of content and replayability from TR2013, so at least my investment felt justified. It cames with tons of extra modes (chapters replay, card system, challenge mode, endurance, etc.) Now I feel like I'm buying Rise 2.0 (which is, again, perfectly expected for me), but twice the price. That's not ok.

Unless they tell us more about the season pass content, the extra modes, the famous "coop" we keep hearing but still know nothing about, I'm not ready to jump in. Baba Yaga, while cute and cool, was also really short and lackluster... Yet they promise us tons of new quests and tombs every months when they couldn't even give us a proper meaningful story DLC in Rise (imo) until the 20th anniversary re-release with the manor DLC. So I'm doubtful.

Maybe when we get closer to release my hype will get in motion but I'm skeptical as it is.

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All they’ve said about the co op is that you can solve puzzles with a friend in the DLC Tombs
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Originally Posted by Princess_Paige View Post
All they’ve said about the co op is that you can solve puzzles with a friend in the DLC Tombs
I hope it is optional and not being forced into co op to solve puzzles.
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Originally Posted by iWANEX View Post
I feel like it has a lot of potential to be the best story in a TR game, as well as one of the best TR experiences (closer to the classics, I mean), so I'm very hyped about that.

That being said I'm just worried about the whole presentation of the game, really. That's my only real concern right now. I'm very unsure about the reception it's going to get because even though the places look amazing, the character models do not look good AT ALL. I'm not even mad about the animations being the same as Rise, I can live with that, but they are very jerky and buggy in almost every video I've seen. There's also some very weird micro-second pauses between a scripted scene and gameplay and it's really distracting. Everything looks and feels very unpolished and honestly, you can't have a presentation like this in 2018.

I was just watching a gameplay video and there's 2 things that bothered me so much. First one is how both Jonah and Lara look in this scene taking down these 2 Trinity guys. What the **** is up with those textures. Jonah looks like it's made out of wax. https://youtu.be/TkOHAv0qKVg?t=8m51s

The second thing that bothered me a lot is how in this scene Lara touches her ponytail (like in Rise when she's out of water) but the animation is HORRENDOUS. Not only that but right after that buggy mess, she gets stuck TWICE and starts jumping up and down while swimming. WTF? https://youtu.be/TkOHAv0qKVg?t=9m37s The worst thing about this is that I'm not even the type of person who looks into all these things but I don't know why I've been paying special attention to them lately (I didn't even notice the lack of underwater effects until someone posted about it here).

All in all, I really like what I'm seeing in terms of overall TR feel, story, characters and the possible puzzles, enemies and environments, etc. It's just the presentation that is bothering me so much, specially considering how much it can affect the general public's perception. Still to this day The Last of Us is considered one of the best games ever and I can guarantee you it's not because of their revolutionary gameplay, which is sad for a game, tbh.

So, my opinion right now is that maybe EM is not as talented in that regard (they are stronger with other aspects of the game) and some of these things are not acceptable after Rise's almost impeccable presentation. Lara's skin texture, Lara not reacting to the water in the Tsunami scene, lack of underwater effects, amateurish looking skill tree... are things that are super annoying and didn't happen in previous games, so why are all these things in here? I've been getting strange TRU vibes (in a bad way) since E3 but I really really really hope I'm wrong and this game delivers a truly amazing experience and finds success and good reception. That's all I want. For my favorite franchise to be one of the best out there.

I'm sorry if some people feel like I'm overreacting or don't understand my point of view. I get that and I apologize if I sound like a Debbie downer today. This game has been an emotional rollercoaster for months and it's so exhausting already.
I'm feeling this very much. Aside from the lack of polish, it looks like Shadow follows the same reboot formula, which was to be expected obviously. It disappoints me no less, however! I just hope they've balanced combat and exploration this time. Without a doubt, I think Shadow will be the best in the trilogy, but as Legends said, that's not saying much at all. I'll reserve my final judgment until I play the game, but as it stands, it looks okay. Tomb Raider just doesn't excite me anymore like it used to. It's become such a bland and forgettable series, and it frustrates me that it has become this. I feel like I continue to play and follow the series because of nostalgic memories of my youth playing the classics.
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