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View Poll Results: What do you want to see fixed in the Day One Patch?
Remove crushed black shadows (less contrast in image in some areas) 39 24.53%
Improve underwater graphics (looks like Lara swims through air) 109 68.55%
Add splashes when Lara jumps in the water 95 59.75%
Add bubbles when Lara moves underwater 90 56.60%
Tone down bright and obvious climbable walls texture in Hard mode 51 32.08%
Remove vertical scratches on climbable trees in Hard mode 54 33.96%
Add (more) blood when fighting enemies, add blood effect in water 61 38.36%
Improve 3D mud tech (too sensitive right now) 34 21.38%
Add different visual and audio effect for explosions underwater 38 23.90%
Make mud/dirt effect more dynamic instead of applied everywhere at once 45 28.30%
Add more detail to Lara's skin, it looks too smooth and waxy right now 87 54.72%
Make Lara's haircut less big/wide on the front (poofy hair!) 72 45.28%
Bring back a bit more of Lara's arm muscles by default 85 53.46%
Add more hair to ‘muddy undone hair’, Lara looks almost bald now 44 27.67%
Make Lara look more wet/dripping when she gets out of the water 93 58.49%
NPC facial expressions look quite stiff 40 25.16%
Fix jerky animation transitions 85 53.46%
Slow down animation speed of: sliding, climbing on edge, shimmying 58 36.48%
Make climbing up animation less clumsy > change into a proper pull up animation 77 48.43%
Improve swan dive animation 65 40.88%
Add transition animation to ‘jumping > hanging on climable wall with axes’ 54 33.96%
Make Lara’s hair less stiff, doesn’t move enough 49 30.82%
Fix animation ‘adjusting hair when climbing out water’ > hands go through head 63 39.62%
Stop Lara turning her head towards points of interest in hard mode 57 35.85%
Make Lara's flashlight manually controllable by the player 77 48.43%
Improve human enemy AI (Lara can kill right on front of them) 65 40.88%
Fix enemies teleporting to Lara when finisher is started from further away 45 28.30%
Add option to turn info pop-ups on/off 68 42.77%
Add option to turn HUD and audio prompts for tombs/crypts on/off 53 33.33%
Change proximity in which button prompts are shown, depending on difficulty 34 21.38%
Add photo mode 76 47.80%
Improve audio processing of NPC voices for more realistic voices 26 16.35%
Fix that NPC voices are really loud, even when the NPC’s are quite far away 35 22.01%
Tone down neon bright skill tree colors 26 16.35%
Reduce the size of experience points text. 29 18.24%
Fix glitch where Lara picks up ‘third axe’ in first tomb cutscene 77 48.43%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 159. You may not vote on this poll

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Originally Posted by JuditePrince12 View Post
Slow down the animations and make them less jerky please.
As long as they are not as fast as they were in Underworld, I'll be a happy customer
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Everything lol
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The animations, I still have my fingers crossed that they’ll be changed in the patch. Then I’d be fully content with the game
“Well, this is a tomb. I'll make them feel at home.”
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Ok, the updated situation is like this:

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I just gotta say that if they're to tweak obvious white ledges, hair, animations, or anything that doesn't add more story or content, in a patch, please make sure to do so on day one, because I don't think anyone would be interested in replaying an entire game weeks after its launch just to see some minor issues tweaked.
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