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It's not a bad game, but there's something depressing about it. Not my favourite. If I feel like playing one of the CORE games, I usually pick one of the others.
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Rome and Russia are aiieeeght.

Ireland is spoopi.

VCI... I barely remember. But the grapple seems cool. I like the classic grapple.
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It would have been 4 separate DLC episodes if done today. And that's sort of what I thought when I first played it. It felt more like an expansion than an actual game.

Rome feels like a mediocre custom level, though I did like the return of Larson and Pierre. Russia had a good story and some iffy design choices. Ireland had a spectacular atmosphere and an interesting change of pace in level design. VCI was the most difficult by far; buggy and hard to complete without a walkthrough.
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I really like it. My first time seeing this game was when I was a kid and my older brother was playing this. Ireland is just unforgettable. I enjoyed it myself when I played Chronicles.
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Chronicles is... an okay game. It's not a bad game, but I think it's the worst of the classic games. There's something about it that feels uninspired and boring to me. It lacks the complexity that levels like Palace Midas and Aldwych had in the previous games or the sadistic level design most TR3 levels had, where everything is challenging. Chronicles is simple and short. I describe it as that fun game you want to play when you're not up for a real challenge. The difficult really begins when you get to the VCI section... The VCI levels are as far from Tomb Raider as Core Design could create, more Metal Gear-ish than Tomb Raider, but they're pretty cool. And they're some of the most memorable levels in TR history IMO. Oh, and I must add that I love its storytelling. This is the game we finally get to see that beautiful FMV young Lara.
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I can't remember if I already posted in this thread, but Chronicles was a unnecessary installment with the PC/Mac versions being the only worthwhile versions because of the included level editor. The game is completely uninspired, linear, and rehashes the worst of the series–contemporary levels consisting of military bases and skyscrapers. Also, I hold a grudge because I think Chronicles played a big role (within the many) in hurting AOD's development. The game is just unnecessary and simply a cash-in because CORE didn't have AOD finished in time for the first film. Eidos basically ordered CORE to do it. Despite my negative impression, I will say that Chronicles did have a nice presentation, decent FMV cinematics, and Black Isle levels were decent. Overall, it's the weakest for sure, but ironically still plays much better than AOD. Chronicles was a waste. If Eidos was smart they would have left old era TR at TR4 and released the level editor free from there website. They should have let CORE work 100% on AOD w/ no other TR projects.
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Not only are the VCI levels in this game similar to metal gear solid but they're also like splinter cell and syphon filter.
TR's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and the 4 expansions are the best
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