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Originally Posted by loom View Post
..people seem to hate it because they found it difficult to execute which I dont understand. On the other hand I dont think I ever managed to do it in Underworld...
I think people may find it difficult when they have the wrong type of combat settings (manual, etc - I do not recall their names), like for example in one of them, Lara puts her weapons away as soon as she stops shooting, which makes it impossible to target an enemy during the adrenaline dodge.

I did not manage to do it in Underworld either, I think it because the reticule moves too slowly - that is a horrible flaw..
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Originally Posted by ESCachuli View Post
Ufff, I can't tell which one is worse. Yes, AoD has the Kurtis levels and Boaz specifically is a pain in the ass, but Underworld has tons more of combat agaisn't equally frustrating enemies. The spiders, the giant lizards, the tigers... they all behave like mini-boazs. They are faster than Lara and catch her almost every time no matter if you try to evade them. And they attack again the second you get up.

Really, I can't tell which one is worse. At least in AoD the combat is only clunky, but not infuriating, because the enemies are weaker and you can kill almost everyone without much effort. Except Boaz. Boaz is hell.
I think AOD's combat is much worse , personally .

It's like whenever there's a foe near Lara and you draw your gun , the camera and Lara alike behave like they got an electric shock down the spine and act like total jerks , Underworld had similar jerky animations and camera but at least Lara is still...well , somehow controllable IDK , and the melee she preforms is quite helpful like the running kick and the head kick followed by a flip mid-air to the opposite side (with the much better implemented adrenaline dodge) .

And I find the enemies in AOD to exceptionally annoying , particularly the Cabal mercenaries , it take ages for Lara to draw a weapon and for the player to settle her crazy dance and the camera right to try their best to aim properly but the Cabal goons's shots are so quick and subsequent that they kill Lara in less than 2 seconds .
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