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are piranhas!

Definitely this movie goes its own way

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Originally Posted by AntRaidsTombs View Post
It's most likely going to be a mature movie, probably rated R
Not a chance. There's no way a movie studio will pass up the maximum B.O. potential for something like "Tomb Raider." PG-13 all the way, though in terms of UK certificates, maybe this one will end up as a 15 (the first Angelina movie almost was). Maybe there would end up being an 'unrated cut' home media release.

Originally Posted by shockwave_pulsar00 View Post
They'd film with actual fish in the tank? I'd think PETA would have issues with that.
Why would they care? PETA get outraged over any little thing, it'd hardly be cause for concern.
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Tomb Raider
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I'd homo they'd go for PG-13 but they have to go up against Deadpool 2 which might crush it at the box office so perhaps an R rating is one way to compete...
I see you shiver with antici...pation!
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