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Originally Posted by Avalon SARL View Post
however, I was reading the guide and it says I must have the original CD; which I don't; I lost it long ago...

So what should I do? can I download it online? If so, where?
t includes a complete working cdrom image of the original TR1 cdrom too.
Due to legal considerations, owning a legitimate TR1 cdrom is still required to play, but no accesses get done to the drive, as all files are loaded from cd image copied on hard disk.
You're supposed to own the disc as a proof that you own a legal copy of the game and thus are entitled to use a spare copy, which is included in this package.

You don't even need to physically have the disc present in the drive, as far as I know, and even if you do, you can mount the disc image from the package.
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Originally Posted by Avalon SARL View Post
I need an update and as simple as possible explanation to what I should do to play this
I'm sending you a PM
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