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Originally Posted by Chamayoo View Post
About the idea of keeping TRL/TRA's animations... I don't know. If we're keeping all the new moves introduced in TRU, it would be certainly cool. However it's like being safe. I like that TRU is at the same time a sequel but want to be further. I think it was important for Crystal to experiment new things and technologies like the motion capture. The better solution imo, was to released the game one year latter, in 2009. This game absolutely need more development and budgets. Unfortunately, the XMAS'08 timeslot was far too important for Eidos...
It being released later would've been the better choice, yes. I don't hate what Underworld was doing in terms of gameplay, I just think it really required more polish. The animations are, imo, the main issue. If those were fixed and more fluid-looking, I would actually be fine.
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Originally Posted by Zreen001 View Post
I remember my own personal rating for it was a solid 8, boosted from a 6 solely from the music and the sheer amount of explorability.
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Nice review. The game deserves a solid 6,5, maybe a 7 if they included the DLC .
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