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Originally Posted by b.gluch View Post
This game is phenomenal though, the only section I think drags on is Giza, I feel like every section outside looks the same and feels like they got lazy, and the whole scrap paper with the hyroglyps puzzles felt unfinished. TR4 was always my favorite as a kid, playing it after all these years I still haven't changed my mind, I still think it's the best TR.
I agree. Giza felt rushed and a little bland and even boring. I also want to add that the ending felt very unrewarding. The game ends and.. that's that. No congratulations for finding all the secrets, no final statistics, no special bonus levels or unlockables. You're just back at the main screen like "well then.. guess I'll close the game now". Overall, it's a very fun game though.
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Originally Posted by Maverin View Post
no final statistics
It shows the overall statistics in the end of every level.
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City of the Dead took over the year for me. this game just has too many WTF moments, u will never know where is hidden stuff. idk how ppl finished it without help. after City of the Dead I went to youtube because I were in the middle of NOWHERE. Still great experience and my favorite classic game. wish it was remade in some point
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