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Originally Posted by wmcintosh View Post
...Is there by any chance something that possibly could be changed/adjusted somewhere.
oops late reply, sorry
hadn't noticed your add yet

this might be hopefully addressed editing the dosbox*.conf files you'll find in the \tombraider folders
there's a cycles= entry there (you may want to browse the dosbox readme for this:
CPU Cycles (speed up/slow down).....You can force the slow or fast behavior by setting a fixed amount of cycles in the DOSBox's configuration file etc.)

I modified the default there with a view to optimizing it of course, but you can try it out yourself as it's kind of a typical per machine setting
anywhere in the range 10,000 to 200,000+ can be reasonably set, but as you crank it up you'll soon come to notice that the higher [not always] the better
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Thank you, changed to max, still somewhat sluggish, but not anywhere near what it was.

Going to try other numbers and see what happens.
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