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Skeleton Crew by Stephen King.

Man...King's short stories are fantastic!Really underrated!
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To be a Machine
Mark O'Connell

Adventures among cyborgs, utopians, hackers and the futurists solving the modest problem of death...
They went looking for the gods. And died in lonely places. ●
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Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here” — The Tempest by William Shakespeare
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Volume 9 of the Pretty Little Liars books, it's so much better than the show, I love it !
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Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb

So good! Can't stop reading it.
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Useless magic by Florence Welch
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Halo: Legacy of Onyx, by Matt Forbeck - my 20th novel in Halo's expanded universe. Also Ive taken a break from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and read two short pieces out of an 80s era sci fi anthology called Burning Chrome, by William Gibson.
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Originally Posted by HD Simplicityy View Post
I've chipped away at The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers for months and months. Tolkien has some beautiful writing in places, and in others prose that makes me want to quit reading immediately. His structure is just odd as well. I think I'll take a break from it and start something else. Peter Jackson's adaptation is my number two favorite film of all time, and I much prefer the films to the books. However, other stuff Tolkien did is well worth noting.
If you want a Tolkien book that takes forever to get through, try The Silmarillion.

Originally Posted by HD Simplicityy View Post
I'd like to find a new sci fi book series, an action adventure story, or go back to Harry Potter (left off last time after Goblet of Fire). This on the side of my own writing.
I have a book series that might interest you. if you don't mind having enough reading material to last you a decade. The Shannara series books by Terry Brooks are really good if you like something similar to LOTR, but written in a more modern style. TB has written at least 20 books that are all part of the Shannara timeline, but I would suggest start with The Sword of Shannara, then read all of the books that follow chronologically. Oh, and stay far away from the live action tv adaptation called The Shannara Chronicles, that was released a couple of years ago. They butchered the storyline.

I am currently reading The Scions of Shannara, which is book #1 in the Heritage of Shannara series.
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I read the entire A Song of Ice and Fire series a few months ago. It's actually almost six months ago i finished! Oh.... I can't wait for The Winds of Winter......() I spent about three months on them and they were truly amazing! Best books I've ever read!
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^ I recommend Robin Hobb's books.

Speaking of...
Reading Mad Ship by Robin Hobb. Fantastic, just like the first one. This trilogy is amazing and even better than the Farseer one.
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