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Spider man being a huge name now because of the new Avengers Movies is definitely helping it's sales. Also the fact that it is PS4 exclusive is prompting many PS4 players to go support it.

I recently bought and played it myself and in the beginning it was pretty good i'll admit but the combat got stale really quick, I mean wow. The exploration is fun but I can only swing around stopping the same crimes over and over for so long. It's a good game but nothing special.

I'm back to playing shadow and I guess being a non super hero character appeals to me more. I'm glad TR is holding strong. This is the second time Marvel has stopped TR from being #1. First Black Panther and now Spider man. Ugh
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By the way guys, I should point out that I saw ads for Shadow all over TV today, on multiple channels...

And it wasnt the commercial they were using around launch time, with the song;

It was an abreviated version of the launch trailer, with the line from Emily Dickinson...

Its a much better ad... and I was seeing it all day.
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Originally Posted by Emix View Post
Still #2:
That's great and it can keep on this track before the big releases start to come out next month (Red Dead Redemption 2 being the major one that will steal everyone's attention). Then there's Black Friday and Christmas sales.. I'm not worried tbh.
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Originally Posted by LateRaider View Post
better question, was this entire thread necessary? like yeah, of course spider-man is going to be #1. marvel is the hottest nerd thing right now. TR is still doing ok and the entire thread title is basically clickbait designed to make people panic and think TR is like the #48th best selling game in a top 50 right now
Yaaaaas! Get it girl <3

I agree with you.
This entire thread needs to be put to the sounds of babies crying.
It's so... うるさい。
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We need to make another thread with a different Title.

SOTR holding strong in the Top 5
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