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Arrow The Beauty of TR2013

Hello everyone

I'm not even sure how to call this, it's kind of an experimental thread for a screenshot diary of some sort (so beware, it's going to be image heavy!)

I've always admired the art and scenery of Tomb Raider (2013), so I decided to replay the game and revisit these beautiful locations with a handy tool that gives me more freedom for taking screenshots. I can also visit some parts of the scenery that aren't normally reachable, for example, the Sun Queen statue in Mountain Village: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile.../?id=767220405

And why not share it with you? - I thought. I guess it would be more fun that way, so if you have any requests, I'll take notes and try to discover and take screenshots of the area for you.

There are limitations too, unfortunately, for example, when the game takes the controls away from the player, I cannot control the camera either, I can only zoom. It also happens when Lara simply walks and the camera is controlled to give a cinematic feel. I can't rotate the camera either, so as much as I want to take vertical screenshots, it's not possible.

I'm playing in 1920x1080, almost full settings.

Technical background
I'm using Yamatai Patch for altering the camera position, freezing Lara's pose, zooming in and out, etc.
To avoid overloading the thread with images, I only post a few on here and put the rest in a gallery. I tried to think of a good place to store all the images, but...
  • my Imgur is overloaded, I have lots of albums on it and if I want to be able to find anything on it at all, I can only have one album for the images I post here - plus it's changed the interface and not for the better and... too much trouble, in short
  • I've been thinking of Flickr, however I'm not really familiar with it and I don't like it that much for some reason
  • Photobucket? Nooooo. Just no.
I decided to put them in a gallery I'm more familiar with instead to make sure I can arrange the images the way I like and the quality doesn't suffer. (If there are any problems with this, please let me know!) You can view the full sized images there with Right click - Open image on new tab or by clicking the expand button.

I'll challenge myself to take as interesting screenshots as possible and share my experience and thoughts about the game as I go. You will be able to view the images in full HD. My progression is going to be slow, I stop nearly every corner to find good places to take pictures of.

The Image Diary
01 - Intro | post | full gallery
02 - Coastal Forest | post | full gallery
03 - Mountain Temple | post | full gallery
04 - Mountain Village | post | full gallery
05 - Base Approach | post | full gallery
06 - Cliffside Village | post | full gallery
[more coming soon]

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas or want to share or discuss your experience about the game, feel free to do so, as long as it stays on-topic (as in: revisiting the game).

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Ooooh I'm excited for this!
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Let's start with the first part, then

01 - The Intro (full gallery)

We pass through these narrow corridors quickly, but they deserve a second look, the details are astonishing - the scattered bones, the cans, the skull decor, the reflection on the rocks... haunting, but somehow beautiful. We stop by Steph's body, who got cut from the main game, but is still a playable character in multiplayer mode.

The scavenger really took his time arranging and lighting those candles. This first part of the cave is very atmospheric and I also love the blue-orange contrast these rock pathways have thanks to the shrine.

Entering the next area, there's a nicely built cave with some more light coming in, you can even see the tide washing up against the rocks. Now here's the place where the game kept bothering me to use Survivor Instincts, after not doing anything for 10 seconds, making it harder to take screenshots. I really wish there was an option to turn it off, same with the icons.

The first obstacle, which got me thinking when I was new to the game, it was pretty nice for a first puzzle. The mechanism blends in nicely, it doesn't look out of place. This is something I liked in the game, the man made structures blended in really well with the environment in most of the places.

I managed to make a close-up of Lara with expression while she was trying to hang on, I love how wrinkly her nose becomes, it looks cute! http://i.imgur.com/C7EoVAo.jpg

The way to the exit is clear, although everything's collapsing, I had a hard time taking screenshots, because if you stand still for more than... say 10 seconds, Lara dies, even if her pose is frozen.

Love the rock formations on the left and the shipwreck on the right, too bad we only run through this scene very quickly. I wanted to take a pic right after the last jump, but the game didn't give me enough time to position the camera - too bad, I loved the design there so much.

I couldn't move the camera here, so I just zoomed in and here's a small teaser of the next area - if you look closely enough, you can spot a fly on the screen

I uploaded 31 screenshots of this area altogether - to avoid overloading the thread with images, I've collected them all in a gallery, if you want to check them in full size, see the beginning of the post for the link.

There are two bonus shots in the end of it, one where I probably messed the animation up by freezing Lara, her hair was late compared to the rest of her body. The other one was taken during the escape sequence, when the ground collapses below Lara. We can't see her face from behind, but she puts the torch in her eye while trying to cover her face, it reminded me of the ending with Himiko.

Please let me know if you enjoyed it! The next part shall be interesting, it'll be a more open space, so I'll have a bigger playground, finally

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I just checked the gallery and at the last one with Lara poking herself in the eye with the torch. Also, the one with the less hair actually makes her look like she's wearing an 80s side ponytail . What it does emphasis though is that she looks better with less hair around her face. Also, in This one, I'm sure she resembles her Rise self, proving the two looks aren't so different.
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I'm crying at the last two images
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Oh my....!!! Such awesome screenshots! What an awesome thread!
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Lara is just checking if her torch is still working.

Cool pics! I'm not a big fan of the first cave, but the details are really astonishing.

And Lara with the a sideways ponytail looks like Tank Girl.

Maybe you could've made her breasts bigger to be more true to classic Lara and called the thread Remarkable New Title this. Oh wait, this already exists.
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Great screens ! Really well done.
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These are all amazing screens (especially that last one )
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Thanks so much for these

This was the game that finally got me hooked -- seeing these caps brings back so many horrific (as in lovely) memories
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