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Originally Posted by Anakzunamuhn View Post
But there are some moments when knowing how to follow was a real difficulty, or some of the platforming when you have to be quick and know when to jump and where.

One of my favorites is the Midas Hand, I had three bars and I didn't know what to do with them, so I decided to stop playing and investigate who was Midas... That satisfaction it's much more present when you spent so much time searching what to do instead of the passenger moments that TR2013 could offer.
I have no context to relate to this.

I knew who Midas was long before I ever played Tomb Raider and thus the intent behind the puzzle was immediately known to me as soon as I found the first lead bar.

Similarly, I had played Senate long before I had ever played The Last Revelation, so the game there was both familiar and unsurprising.

I don't know how much time you spent searching what to do, but I didn't have this roadblock. Whatever satisfaction you had was completely absent in my experience.

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I have to agree with Ashnod . TR1 isn't exactly a game I'd call "challenging" or difficult . In fact , it's a pretty easy game , not Legend-easy , but still . There were little to no puzzles , platforming and traps weren't as vicious , extremely tricky and unforgiving like they are in TR3 and TR4 , tons of medi-packs and ammunition , and while the levels were mostly convoluted and interconnected , they're not really mind-boggling (bar the Cistern , Palace Midas and Atlantis) , I recall beating the whole game in around 10-12 hours on first playthrough

In fact , looking back , the only games in the franchise that are truly difficult games are TR3 and TR4 . I guess AOD is fairly difficult too , but for entirely different reasons that have nothing to do with puzzles or level-design .
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TRI is my second favorite game in the entire series behind TRII. I always try to replay it once a year. I agree that this is probably the most simple game in the series. But I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing considering it's the first game in the series. It's one of the very few games in the series where the challenge gets progressively harder. By the time you get to Atlantis, your true skills are put to test. As much as I like the variety in the later games, I still enjoy the simplicity of the game. No excessive stunts, weapons, flares, etc. Also, the levels feel very immersive here also. The others have already hit the nail on the head about this in this topic.
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Originally Posted by Patrick star View Post
It isn't for me . In fact , it's my least replayed classic .

I mean I do deeply appreciate it for what it is : the original , the revolutionary game that started it all , but then again , I don't really like it that much .

It's probably due to the fact that I've started the franchise with TR4 and then played every other classic before finally turning to play TR1 , and I found it rather boring tbh . Gameplay is very repetitive , abuse of keys and switches , clunky and unrefined movements , and I feel like it's the only Classic that has aged horribly in terms of visuals .
Same here, I started playing with TR4, I remember playing through 4, 1, 3 then 5 and out of those the first one was my least favorite. I am not sure why. I mean its fun and all but, I can't quite put my finger on why. I have been going back to replaying the classics, I started with tr1 and got to the lost valley and got bored. I couldn't seem to finish this game. So I moved on to tr4. I always find myself going back to 4 not the first one.

Maybe its because I started with tr4, so out of all the classics TR4 and 3 are my favorite and TR1 is the least.


Originally Posted by Kirishima View Post
I guess, for me, the deaths. Especially glitched deaths. I can never get enough of doing these two:

Other than that, I actually like several of the levels in this more than the other Tomb Raiders, especially the Atlantean levels.
HAHAH I just saw that, that's funny. I remember this level even in the low quality textures that dang mutant scared the day lights out of me. I hated him
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I've been asking myself that very same question for over 20 years!

I like what some other people said about the feelings of nostalgia. For me, playing TR1 transports me back to a much simpler and happier time in my life.

Plus I loved Lara being (mostly) alone, wandering around these great, empty ruins with such atmosphere, as I'm a bit of hermit so could imagine myself on such an adventure! lol
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I enjoy TR1 the most because of the level design and atmosphere. Just about every area within a level in TR1 has a special landmark or vista. For example, in Palace Midas there's the pool with dolphin art, the garden, the MIDAS hand, a temple structure where Lara eventually climbs to the its ceiling, the lever room with all the symbolized doors, etc. Also, I love how certain sections open up like the T-Rex area in Lost Valley. The flow of the levels is very nice and well designed.

A lot of that magic was missing in TR2 and TR3. Exploring oil rigs, rusty shipwrecks, and Area51 just didn't have the same effect. However, I do appreciate Core Design incorporating TR1 elements into TRIII (save crystals, dinosaurs, aliens, scattered artifacts around the globe, etc). The human fights and constant action in TR2 kills the mood for me. Still a good game though.

I think TR4 was the closest at attempting to recapture the TR1 magic. I just wish we weren't stuck only in Egypt. TR4 would of been better if there was different settings, but Core had the right idea by keeping all the levels ancient and tomb oriented.

TR1 is brilliant and overall probably my favorite. The variety is quite nice and the levels are very lush. For example, City of Vilcabamba has all the greens, reds, oranges, and blues color schemes that serve as a nice contrast to the washed out gray tones. Egypt section is very lush and vivid as well. Atlantis is so gross and organic, but in a good way! TR1 has so many iconic landmarks within all the levels. I thought the lack of constant human foes in TR1 really adds to the atmosphere. Besides Natla's henchmen, Lara is mostly alone or fighting off vicious wild animals. The peru section is the best intro level set out of the entire TR franchise. The levels flow so nicely.

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I have probably played TR1 more than any other entry in the series. I still find it to be quite enjoyable, so in my opinion, yes, it really is that good.

Tomb Raider 1 is sadly underrated today, and needs to be appreciated more, not just for being the first, but for what it did well. Nearly every list of video games that supposedly haven't aged well will feature it, and most publications that try to rank the TR games will praise Anniversary or the 2013 reboot as the better, definitive Tomb Raider experience. But neither continuity of post-Core TR games are 'true' Tomb Raider in the sense that they're different games entirely.

The transition in gameplay from Core-Era controls makes this one a case of now knowing what we had until we lost it. The original Tomb Raider was meant to be a slow-paced, deliberate platformer that rewarded you for keeping your wits about you and mastering the control scheme. When you died, it almost never felt cheap, but a result of your own carelessness. And neither did the game feel the need to hold your hand and constantly point you in the right direction.

I only ever played TR1 on the PC, where the saving system was unlimited and both the graphics and the controls were slightly improved, so I can't comment on the way this game played on the PS1. But I can say that by contrast, I absolutely loathed the clumsy and imprecise control scheme of the LAU trilogy and struggled all throughout those games. I have no idea why these games received the praise they did for "updating" the Tomb Raider series merely by making Lara move faster.

The TR reboot had the smoothest control of any game in the franchise I've ever played, but the gameplay differences are too stark for me to call it a true Tomb Raider game, Instead, it just feels like a gritty Uncharted with a female protagonist and a vastly improved cover system.

I've posted this video many times before, but for anyone who hasn't seen it, I think Mark Brown's analysis of the progress of the TR series is rather insightful:

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There's some very good observations in this video. And I agree - the original Tomb Raider was all about mastering the control scheme in order not to break your neck constantly. And getting rewarded for it. I still remember the first time I made that jump across the bridge in the lost valley. It was an awesome experience.
These days of course most of the routes are already well known, but the community-introduced game modes like speedruns, pistols only or no-scratch challenges keep the game interesting and challenging even more than 20 years after its initial release.
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tbh, TR1s control scheme is everything but difficult.
Jump, Action, Walk. Don't tell me 3 buttons is difficult to memorize what they do in which situation. And Lara isn't hard to maneuver, too. You always have the Walk button, where she also rotates slower if it's too fast for you without the Walk Button.
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I'm playing TRI right now and I believe Lara is really fun to maneuver, specially since TRII when you can rotate while she's in the air. But that's because I played the classics so many times.

Easy to maneuver? I don't think so, Spyro the Dragon it's easy to maneuver. Fluid controls, non tank, and big areas to run without fear of falling from high heights or die by a trap.

Hard to maneuver? Sometimes, specially for the first time and you need to trespass specific places with single blocks while making turning jumps and runtime puzzles. But that is the real fun of TRI. Can you survive the isolated and ruined ancient temples full of traps and tricky sections?
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