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Does the SCU work only with the disc version of Legend or also with the Steam version?
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For the disk versions of Legend (all world regions) you need to install the Legend patch 1.2 to get the SCU working.

As a matter of interest, Patch 1.1 is for Europe only, but patch 1.2 does all world, so best just to download that instead.

The problem for you....
The problem is that the Legend patch specifically states that it is for All Disc Based Versions, but not the Online Version (steam).

So as far as I can see the SCU cannot be used for steam, but...

I would advise you if you do want to use the SCU, just go out and buy a PC disk version, as it is cheap to buy in a games store or cheaper secondhand on Ebay (Europe) for a few Euro's, and then download the patch 1.2, and run SCU. Easy
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Judging from previous posts, I'd say it should work with Steam version as well.

Since I lost the source code for the SCU (and there's not really any magic behind it), I've started re-implementing it.

The project is now hosted here:

The latest release ( is available here: https://github.com/ANoDE85/PyTR7SCU/.../tag/v0.0.10.0
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