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Post PROPOSAL: Square Enix/Visual Works CGI Film project

I was wondering if we could put forward the idea of a CGI film to be produced through Square Enix and Visual Works. I think there is a strong case for having a CGI film appear on streaming service, home release and maybe even a limited cinema release in selected territories.

I want to make a case for this film stating the following points:
  • There has been a demand from fans for a CGI film.
  • The recent film performed well at the box office, in particular Asian regions.
  • Increased revenue via streaming services
  • Previous success of the Final Fantasy CGI films and the Biohazard films.

I want to try and use this thread as a sort of discussion/petition to try and forward it to Square Enix/Visual Works to show our interest or to see if they would consider opening a kickstarter campaign to try and run the film similar to the successful campaigns for Tomb Raider suite and Dark Angel. Crowd funding has allowed those endorsed project to become a reality and the same could be true for a film if Square Enix authorised it. Similar events to the orchestrated tour could be held with exclusive screenings to the film aswell.
Does anybody really read these?!

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Honestly, I don't want an animated movie. Especially from Visual Works, because while they can make something look great, their movies don't have substance. It would be even worse than what we have from either the Jolie movies.

I think if we get another movie, I want it to still be like be action. Especially because I want to see Alicia as Lara again and because I we were just a good script away from a great movie.

I wouldn't be against an animated Tomb Raider show, though. That could easily work
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I was thinking Sony could do an animated Tomb Raider and Uncharted cross over. Now that would be ****ing epic!
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If Crystal Dynamics oversaw the storytelling and writing and visual works did JUST the animation... then we'd have a good thing going.

I'd be down with that.
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An animated TR movie would be a dream come true. Like Heavenly Sword did.
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eeeek, i'd be worried about it. i'd much rather get another alicia movie
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While I'm not entirely against the idea, I wouldn't want it if it was at the expense of a live action sequel with Alicia reprising her role as Lara.
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Originally Posted by Rai View Post
While I'm not entirely against the idea, I wouldn't want it if it was at the expense of a live action sequel with Alicia reprising her role as Lara.
Same here. An animated film could be great, but tbh, I’d be more concerned about it and I always felt that TR movies would work better live-action anyway.
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