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I don't know if there was ever meant to be something more meaningful to the necklace, beyond it being Lara's first find aged 5, but maybe when researching Himiko's myth, they decided to use that as the basis of the design. Lara's specialty is meant to be Japanese history, may be it was just a nice connection they went with. As for the staff, I can see a similarity in the shape, once again, maybe during their research they decided it worked. Also, it may not be a connection at all, but if the bird on Himiko's hat is a Phoenix, which symbolises rebirth, perhaps choosing Himiko became a symbol of the first game overall, meaning the reboot and Lara's own rebirth of sorts not just as a character, but from student to survivor.
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Kind of like how every other goon is an exact replica of one or more in the immediate vicinity! I'd call it easy to design more than layered or nuanced imagery storytelling. This is Crystal Dynamics we're talking about here. They couldn't make a video game to tell the ABC's without it getting horrendously off course and led astray into utter incoherent nonsense. It'd be real pretty though!
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Cool! Didn't know about that one either. I always found it a little odd that Trinity randomly became important in the second game while their was barely any mention of them in the first. (only a small dialogue saying something like 'Trinity is here' if my memory serves me right).
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