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Well as for me I enjoyed only the relics. The rest is low key funny the first time but then it's a bit of a chore. Pity there's only some concept arts and nothing more to unlock.
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Anyone liked the fact that Lara could walk while shooting when pressing W? (I don't know the term for that shooting mod)
I had fun during Mediterranean Sea level, on Amanda's ship, killing the mercenaries with free shooting. That's a proof using dual pistols could have worked in Reboot Games
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I changed the controls first play through to a "traditional" WASD, using middle mouse for manual aim (then used a controller on my second play through) underworlds manual aiming is actually better than the Reboots, in 2013/Rise it felt clunky, like you were trying to aim with mouse acceleration, in Underworld its smooth and precise even with a controller, I love the ship level, while I hate how 2013 had almost EVERY fight be a linear corridor fight, I like them more in Classics/Underworld where its more like a gimmick level, a level overally focused on combat in a game that generally isn't, I LOVE the SMGs in underworld, more so if you use slow-motion, since you build adrenaline per hit, and the uzi's high mag size, you can extend the slow-mo til' you hit the max cap for it and its great rapidly swapping between targets, watching them stumble as Lara onloads on them, also the ability to kick is a great, nothin' like kicking a merc down then unloading on him as he tries to get up, Only way these levels would be better is if they kept the multiple human enemy types from Legend, Guys with grenade launchers/shields and shotguns
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Ahhh Underworld, I keep coming back to Thailand and Mexico levels every now and than...
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Originally Posted by jackoimina View Post
Ahhh Underworld, I keep coming back to Thailand and Mexico levels every now and than...
And the others levels ?
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