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Unfortunately TRviewer does not work for TR5, as it only supports TR1 to TR4.
And TRviewer is a very useful tool.

Now if someone wants to redesign TRviewer for use in TR5, as we have some members that are really good at code editing on this forum, then please go ahead

Originally Posted by dcw123 View Post
...still would have been nice to see the entire level as a whole (like in TRViewer)TRC levels looks very cut up, the rooms are all in bits - random corners of rooms and stuff (instead of being all one room)
For a visual look of the whole level, you can use 'Tombviewer' which reads TR5 levels ok. It is not going to give you any technical information, as its just a visual program.
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Originally Posted by The Great Chi View Post
Well how did I make the above TR5 modified video then? he he

I agree with you that some TR tools do not work, because they do not have TR5 format/support, for example...TRviewer.

But most TR tools work fine on TR5, (NOTE that I use winXP and win 7 computers to get my TR tools working) for example.....
Fexinspect, Fexmeger, PixStr, TRtexture, 3D meta, Rview_50_R3, Hex editors, and many more TR tools.

As I said the only real problem is the existing bigger data files of TR5, which cause crashes and black screens if you modify them too much.

The other solution is to create a TR5 level from scratch, but there are only 19 custom TR5 levels on TRLE net for some reason, so were not as popular as TR4 custom levels.

Problems with modern computers not allowing some TR tools to work....

Some TR tools do not work on newer win versions, like the TR tool 'Scripter4', which works on winXP easy, but not win 7 or above. Maybe you have a more modern computer like win 10. Do the above TRtools work on it, for TR1, TR2, TR3 and TR4?. If they do not work for them, then they are not going to work on TR5.

I know that you can modify the levels but what i meant was the support is partial and not full support, so its not the size of the file it has nothing to do with that crashing, its just most of the TR5 stuff is unknow. this means that for the porgrams the can do some modification(like fexmerger) it will mess up the whole data and corrupt the level because there is no proper support. i hope that you understand me now.

but when we have a proper support then we can do any type of modification to TR5, just like in TR4,3,2,1

Scripter4 works fine on win10 64bit and 7, I think you need to install the WAD Runtime
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