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Default Gun-reloading backpack in TR1

In the first movie, there is a scene where a large rock-man starts walking and attacking Lara Croft. She draws her USP Matches and begins firing at it, but runs out of ammo. She quickly solves this problem by clicking the mag release buttons and shifting her arms backwards to slam new magazines into both pistols instantly. She was able to do this because of a very special backpack.

If you take a good look, a rod of some sort holding a series of magazines on each side was protruding from the bottom of Lara's backpack, and as I recall, it actually came out of the backpack.

IMO that has to be one of the coolest pistol-related accessories ever.

Because I don't play the Tomb Raider games much at all, this might be in the games also and thus I'm not aware of that. So I've come here to ask if that backpack was a movie prop or if it is actually a product on the market. Anyone know?

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As far as I know it's just a prop though I wouldn't be surprised if there was something similar out there.
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I recall reading it out of an "Official" mag, I can't remember where I read it. I think it was the official movie guide thing. A shame as a TR fan, I know. And not me buying it....

Anyways, I remember the term that was used for Angie/Lara's mags/cartrige holders for her firearms was "a Bandolier tree" that would pop out from under her hi-tech backpack when she needed them.
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Lara's backpack is a prop. I've found one replica on the internet and it's not even with the Bandolier tree to reload the pistols. There might something like that on the market, but actually backpack like Lara's - nope.
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Actually it is a part of the game.
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It would be cool if the put this in the next tr game
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