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Sir Croft
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Talking How to annoy your parents

50 tips on how to annoy your parents:

1 - Follow them all the time
2 - Say "Muu" when they call you
3 - Pretend you got amnesia
4 - Keep walking backwards
5 - Run all over the house with a bulb in your hand and saying "The Sun! It's dying!"
6 - Run on the walls
7 - Sing out loud while you run all over the house wearing only underwear
8 - Say that wearing clothes is against your religion
9 - Stay in fron of them at four in the morning and with a big smile in the face say "Good morning, sunshine!"
10 - Run in circles
11 - Recite a whole movie. Three times.
12 - Pretend you're fighting yourself. Lose.
13 - Pull somebody's hair and scream "DNA!"
14 - Wear a T-Shirt that reads "I'm Retarded!"
15 - Wear jeans on your heads, a t-shirt on your waist and say it's a new fashion concept
16 - Try to find another way to drink something in a glass
17 - Glue your finger on your nose with Super Glue
18 - Talk to a pen
19 - Have imaginary friends. Talk to them all the time.
20 - Pretend you're a viking
21 - Try to climb on the walls
22 - Scream really loud "WHERE-IS-MY-MOTHER!?"
23 - Put an ice-cream cone on your forehead and say you're a beautiful unicorn
24 - Do what they tell you to
25 - Stay turning the lights on and off and after 5min say "ooh! I get it now..."
26 - Eat non-eatable things.
27 - Sit in front of the fan with your arms wide open and sing "I believe I can fly!!"
28 - Hold their hands and say "I see dead people..."
29 - When taking a shower, scream "I'm drowning!"
30 - Chase an imaginary tail
31 - Demand your own telephone number
32 - Scream "Lie!" for everything they say
33 - Pretend you're 268 years old
34 - Stay upside down in your closet
35 - Pretend you're a telephone
36 - Try to swim on the ground
37 - Knock on their door all the night
38 - Pretend you have multiple personalities
39 - Deny everything they say before they finish saying and say "Why what? Are you trying to find a reason to punish me?". Take a long breath, blink three times and say "Can I help you?"
40 - Ask "What?" for everything they say and pretend youdon't understand
41 - Look at you father for some time and then say "I'M USING NEW SOCKS!"
42 - Always repeat "What would give you that idea?"
43 - When your mother start talking to you, say "Lo siento, No hablo InglÚs"
44 - Tell them you have a very imporant secret that you can't tell to anyone, they'll insist on you to tell the secret, then you whisper "I'm Spiderman/Catwoman!"
45 - Stay looking at nowhere for some time and quickly look at your parents with a scared expression and say "Did you feel that?!"
46 - Write "Will you really eat this little bird?"/"Eggs are friends, not food!" on every egg you got in the freezer
47 - When having dinner, stand up and say to one of your siblings: "Due to economic problems, you will be banished from this house."
48 - When visiting your grandparents, start singing "Uuhm, you touch my tchalala!"
49 - Always say "That's so hot" with Paris Hilton acent
50 - Tell them everything you did was just to annoy them

"We're travelers. Constantly moving forward. And looking back."

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Tomb Raider
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Lmao ive done almost half of that list
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Hahahaha what a funny list!
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I've done like, almost all of them, LOL!! But that was 2 years ago! Good times, good times...
"We could always make it strip poker." "Sorry, but I prefer mystery to horror."
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22 - Scream really loud "WHERE-IS-MY-MOTHER!?
LMAO!! Sounds familiar.
There was a hole here; it's gone now.
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Sir Croft
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^ lol
I noticed that too.
"We're travelers. Constantly moving forward. And looking back."
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Let me add some:

1. Put their cellphones in the bath tub and tell them those are submarines.
2. When being forced to eat vegetables, tell them you're a carnivor by nature.
3. Tie your siblings to a fire hydrant.
4. Climb your neighbors car.
5. Hide under your dad's car.
5. Take 2 garbage can lids and clang them like you're playing in an orchestra.

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Tomb Raider
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1. Wait outside the bathroom door when one of your parents goes for a midnight potty-break. As soon as they open the door, jump and scream "OOGA BOOGA!" then laugh when they clutch at their heart and make a funny face!
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Lara Coft Baby
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ahahaha I loved that
I'm not sarcastic my humor just has an attitude
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