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Thumbs up "myths of modding" competition

"myths of modding"

select a modding that is on the Hub -- and get inspired!

subjects should be related to the modds presented on the Hub, dedicated to the avantgarde of modding, special features, dedicated to all the beloved modders, to Lara, to our modding heros (tansy, Elen, Baby Jane... ), to all those fantastic ideas that gave us the inspirations to carry on...

-- you can do
1. add ons = additional stuff for the modd you´ve chosen,
2. revisited modds, inspired by any modd, another version,
3. do a suitable level modd for one special modd, or you can do
4. additional characters that fit to the modd you´ve selected

you are asked to refer to one of the modds that are on the hub ... and to design something special around that modding:
e.g. you choose:
spiderman by Lee
now you´re into the spiderman story! and now you can do
  • additional costumes for spiderwoman
  • or gear
  • or create some oponents for her to fight against according to the movie/comic
  • or you can create a new level e.g. New York (Japan)
  • or any other things that can be related to one of those loads of modds that are on the Hub
another explanation:
... we're not supposed to use the same textures as the original mod from the Hub - rather, we use the basic look/idea of the mod to create something similar of our own. For example, this is an outfit by Tansy called Brown Snake:

Some of the things we can do based on this are:
1. Create a more elaborate version of the same outfit.
2. Use similar "snakey" textures for a different type of outfit altogether.
3. Create an outfit inspired by the name of this outfit: that is, one which looks like a brown snake (a real one), though it may or may not look like Tansy's outfit at all.
4. Maybe even a level mod with snake-skin textures on the wall?
These are just a few ideas off the top of my head. I am sure there are plenty of other possibilities.
keep in mind what Pipolinne pointed out:
I just don't agree completely with the one referring to the same textures being also used on a dress,when the mod is already inspired on a dress. I'm afraid some un-original copies would arise.

Another question is: and if the member is taking inspiration from a modd level?
-> just the same
Let's take for example Egypt by Tampi: would the member create another modded level using Tampi's textures? Create another Egyptian textures? Or simply create another Egypt concept just for the modd Cleopatra ?
-> he´ll create a brandnew level
I think the main idea should be clearly distinguish between inspired by and copied from.

Celebrating one's work is quoting it and work from it !
as Mytly said
To create an outfit/level mod inspired by an already existing outfit/level mod on the Hub. Which one you choose to be inspired by is up to you. You can choose to be inspired by, say, an outfit for Legend and create an outfit of your own based on the concept of that outfit. (For a more elaborate explanation, see this post). The same applies to level mods. You can even have crossovers - i.e., create a level inspired by an existing outfit, or vice versa. The same applies Anniversary. And of course, crossovers from Legend to Anniversary and vice versa are fine too - e.g., creating and outfit/level for Anniversary based on a mod for Legend.

-- you should avoid
1. pure plagiarism
2. don´t just copy! be innovative!
3. you can´t take your own modd!

keep in mind:
I've also some reluctance concerning creating an outfit to honour another, if such outfit will be showing no original features or noticeable differences. If you're going to celebrate Xena's outfit,but don't want to mod a level, don't create another Xena, create Gabrielle!

Originality should be the main goal,me thinks.

loads of information - to come to a point:
this competition is open to your ideas, favours and inspiration!
take one modd and go ahead!
be innovative, have fun and try to surprise the others with your imagination!
it´s a modding competition! perhaps at it´s best!
modd the unmoddable!
keep in mind: it´s all about to
honour the work of someone else

let´s have something to enjoy!

how to proceed:
1. if you know which costume/level you´ll be working on, post the thumbnail from the HuB in here
2. tell if your doing extra costumes or (Lara modds)
3. a level modd in this threat (Level modds or even more than one level ... I know that there will be some superlarge game modds! ) *
4. anything you´d like to tell about your idea (avoiding spoilers )
5. Entries: 15th March - 15th April
6. Voting: 16th April - 25th April (with the possibility of extending either entries or voting 5 days more - that is, till 30th April - if necessary)
7. as there will be simple modds referring to small items or costumes and level modds - there will be different votings (- not set right now cause we don´t know actaully what there will be .... )
8. the winners are about to gain a customized title!!!
9. keep your horses! (avoid spoilers )
10. this one´s open to TRL and TR:A

oh man! I can´t wait to see the results!
yours zipper

*) for those who are about to do a level modd including a costume:
post your level and your costume(s) seperated from each other !!!
then we can have an
-> all-in-all-costume-modds-voting and an
-> extra-level-modd-voting!


snow in ghana + tansy´s winter fur reloaded

Ward Dragon´s
Psychedelic Insanity

Gwenevere and the Medieval Village + bonus costume

Lafa Cvoft´s
Innocence + Innocence costumes

Alex Fly´s
Rayne´s Domain

Sin City + Lara as Nancy and Amanda as Becky

Explorer vs.2.0

Baby Jane´s
Attack of the Croft + Sith Lara

Larson_1988´s + Ward Dragon´s
Lego Valley

icy worlds

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Thread stuck.
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Ward Dragon
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I am using these two TRA outfits for inspiration: Tie-Dye and Tie-Dye II by b0bbi13 (I think I will officially choose Tie-Dye II as the mod which is meant to be played with mine)

In any case, I am doing a level mod of all four Peru levels in TRA to go around those outfits
We all make choices. But in the end, our choices make us. ―Andrew Ryan (BioShock)

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wow ! that was fast!

I´m to work on this:
winter fur
by tansy

it´s going to be
level modd (ghana)
an extended costume modd
will include some changed other characters

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Tomb Raider
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I chose:

Avalon by Tansy

I'm going to mod at least one outfit and one level.
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My Mod is going to be inspired by Zipper's Sin City mod:

It will be a completely different mod and level mod for Kazakstan.

sorry Zipper
Would you kindly...
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khFREAK ---
Quasimodo Avalon was my first choice too
(this is going to become so wonderful!!)
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Zac Medley
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I'm going to work on something based on this:

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cool! tell us what ´ll be!?
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Alex Fly
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My entry will be based on BloodRayne bt St.A. :

Ask yourself WWLD : What would Lara do ? :)
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