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Lafa Cvoft
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Arrow Modding FAQ, textures and secrets

Modding F.A.Q.
1. What does mean: to mod?
2. How to mod?
3. Where can I get TexMod and Tomb Ripper?
4. Where can I get .dds plugins for Photoshop?
5. What program is better for editing textures?
6. How can I make invisible texture?
7. How can I make a texture colored, but invisible?
8. How to make invisible parts of mod?
9. How to make a new logo?
10. How can I make a new font?
11. How can I make new load screens?
12. How can I make new survey load screen?
13. Is it possible to make some textures bigger in game?
14. How can I make preview for my mod?
15. How can I make a preview for bikini ( bikini black) or Young Lara or Evening Dress mod?
16. I loaded Young Lara ( or bikini/bikini black) in Japan. It doesn’t work! What should I do?
17. Is it possible to make night in some levels or the day?
18. How can I get an idea?
20. How can I recolor texture in PS?
21. How can I make a new color and to have the same texture or to have a new picture-texture and old texture?
22. I want my mod to be shown on official site, but don’t know, how to do this!
23. What site is useful for images?
24. What site is useful for uploading files?

1. To mod – means to make a new Lara/enemies/levels and etc. look! You can make Lara’s hair red! You can make her backpack invisible! You can make Lara – invisible! But you can’t edit shape of object…

2. It is rather simple to make in TexMod! Look at the pictures:
1. Find you exe TR: Legend file
2. Click Logging Mode
3. Choose image format of files, you want and hot button, that you want ( F1 – F12)
4. Choose that folder, where your images will save into for your mod ( it is better to create new folder)
5. Click Run! Now you should find that texture that you need with buttons: - or + in Num Lock buttons. When you find it, press the button, then close the game.
6. Edit your textures, save them, then click Package Build
7. Choose your mod folder
8. Write your nick-name and comment about your mod
9. Click Build And name your mod. Then save it into that folder, you want
10. Now click Package Mode
11. Find your mod in .tpf format
12. Click Run! You made your mod! Now you should only understand: Do you like it, or it should be edited.
It’ll be better, if you use TexMod, as it is not very hard….Tomb Ripper in harder to understand….I didn’t ! But you can read tutorial here:

3. It is not so hard to find:

4. It is even more simple that the question before:

5. It is better to edit textures in Photoshop. I can give you download links ( I am using light version! No virus!)

6. Firstly – Load TexMod -> Logging Mode There you should choose format of textures: PNG -> Run! Then you should find that texture and get it! Now go to Photoshop and make a new layer. Than delete background and save file!

7. Firstly – make a new color, you want and then copy layer: Ctrl+click for layer then: Ctrl+J Then delete background and save the picture. ( some textures impossible to make so…)

8. Pick out that part, you need, then click Delete and use erase that you want to make invisible.

9. You can use this one:

10. It is very simple! At the beginning find the texture in game. Then start Photoshop and edit that texture so:
1. Use this picture, as background:
2. Now you should make layer for every letter.
3. Pasteurize the textures with letters and edit them to that format, as they on the background image!
4. Save picture and make a mod!

11. It is not very hard!
1. Find load screen from game and cach it
2. Make a new picture, that would be your load screen
3. Majke sourse image ( load screen from game) into: 1024x768
4. Add your picture and save the image

12. It is possibly the same as Load screens:
1. SavFind that pictures from game and cach them
2. Make the same as with simple load scrrens
3. Download this mods:
4. Now you should load your mod and make that screens, you want!

13. Nope, it is impossible! TexMod made only for editing textures, nothing new

14. You can make a video or screens with program fraps:
You can make a video with this program and Windows Movie Maker or a collage with using screens from fraps, you made

15. Yep, it is possible to make with program: TR7 SCU. Download here:

16. At the beginning – load Japan with TR7-SCU. You should walk as you should, while you completing game. After that, you fought with enemies, go to elevator and after first Checkpoint you should DIE! Now you appear at the beginning If you want to make screens from after moments – you shouldn’t click Japan in SCU. But thus, you should die on the same checkpoint or after

17. Yep, it is possible! You can find light texture in some levels! For example in Bolivia Redux…If you can’t find such texture – you can only to edit sky textures and cloud textures.

18. How to get an idea? As really, it is rather simple: You can get an idea here in competition rounds Mod This Picture:
You can make mod for picture, you found in internet, or for yourself

20. Firstly load you texture -> then click: Hue/Serration ( or something like that) and then you can edit your texture into that color, you want! ( click: rendering)

21. It is harder, then the former question…..firstly load your texture and save it into PSD format -> then work with your image:
Filters -> Gallery of Filters -> Texturization -> Then find your PSD picture
Then save your picture into that format you want ( former format, that you chose in Logging Mode)

22. Read this one:

23. These sites::

24. These sites:

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Alex Fly
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Ask yourself WWLD : What would Lara do ? :)
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Lafa Cvoft
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^Alex, i am sorry, but there is nothing about new font, logo, textures, load screens!
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Alex Fly
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And that didn't need a new thread for that. You could have posted this into the existing modding thread (without all the useless explanations on how to use TexMod etc because it's just a copy/paste of what is already written in the tutorials on TRHub...).
Ask yourself WWLD : What would Lara do ? :)
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Lafa Cvoft
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Textures, that replace to every outfit:

Granade - TRL.EXE_0x6328E76C

Back pack - TRL.EXE_0xEC3651E7

Sword - TRL.EXE_0x3AD51B89

Excalibur - TRL.EXE_0x6F76CFD5

Grapple - TRL.EXE_0x6AC173F0

Binoculars.1 - TRL.EXE_0x137973EC

Binoculars.2 - TRL.EXE_0xD2A46131

Weapons.1 - TRL.EXE_0x12395F55

Weapons.2 - TRL.EXE_0x36268525

Weapons3 - TRL.EXE_0xA8DA7619

Weapons.4 - TRL.EXE_0xC7F48880

Guns - TRL.EXE_0xF724F93B

Light - TRL.EXE_0xBC1957B4

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sry to correct you: but there are different hair textures for different dresses!

sry Lafa I donīt get you!? whatīs the use of all these textures?
-> you see: when we modded legend reloaded - in other words: E V E R Y T H I N G in legend- we modded about 5000 textures - cause we wanted to! ...
-> why not collect all the stuff you want to modd in texmod, modd and have a nice .tpf with all the stuff you wanted to!?

nevertheless: I like your idea of collecting everything that is connected to modding in one threat - it could be like an encyclopedia for modding!
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We agreed that Mytly opens this kind of thread, with all the rules posted inside. Thanks for understanding.

Thread closed.
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