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Default Advanced Texturing


Texturing on Diagonal Squares:

Note: I am not sure if this works with the normal winroomedit. I'm using the NGLE editor, not the new one with the engine.

Instead of taking tedious measures to texture on diagonal squares, picking out the precise triangle, there's a simpler method.

To use the simpler method, you can map the entire triangulated square with a combination of holding down the ALT key and clicking.

As shown in the pic above, you can simply texture the area in one click if you hold down the ALT key.

This eliminates the tedious task of picking out precise triangles.


Getting precise triangulated textures on a small selection:

When you have a lower border on a wall, anything other than 4 clicks in height, it might end up being triangulated. This is shown in the pic below:

When you right click and drag a small section on the texture panel, there might be a little fuss when you want to select the right triangle. This can be overcome by hitting the key above the TAB button, usually the tilde ~ key.

Doing this will rotate the triangle and help you get the precise triangle for texturing.

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