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Default The meaning of your Nicknames/Avatars

Just as the title says.

Please enjoy this thread!!!
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<my username coz it's kinda my real name with scambled letters and random ones added in - I mean the sjam bit
my avatar because I liked legend lara quite a lot *runs from tomato throwing people* and I thought that the scene where she uses excalibur at the dais was well done
(but I still HATE lara's mother )
You should have known the price of evil. ♪
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Technical Cheese
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Jamie Oliver is my name, and my birthday is on the 22nd of April - so 'jamieoliver22' was born
I love cheese =]
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T-Rex and some name manipulation Im to lazy to type up.

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*enjoys this thread* XD

What about my avatar? It`s Nico, the 60`s singer from Germany, Warhol`s muse and Velvet Underground`s singer.

And my name is just.... Well it`s not a nickname, it`s more like pseudonim that I use in my life. It means that my life is so strange sometimes and just..... strange XD And I`m a loser also and I have some telepathic things (sounds so silly!!! lol) so my life is just like Vertigo.

God, what a stupid explanation XD
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Agent 47
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my name has no meaning,it is but a number.....the number 47

the avatar, i chose it because it signifies lurking in the shadows,notice also it's faceless, given i've never posted a pic of myself i think it's rather apt.........plus it's a good pic
"There’s no such thing as a “true fan.” That’s elitist garbage. " =/\=
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My username was something I thought up(actually awhile ago) while eating a cupcake So I've used the username Sweets at alot of forums now.

My avatar is an early photo of the legendary rock band Led Zeppelin, they are my favorite band so I show my support and love for them
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Tomb Raider
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I needed a username... so Kittie's sucky song Paperdoll gave me the idea.

Avatar? Bai Ling in the cover for Combichrist's Get Your Body Beat (if I'm not mistaken)

What is it... my 1263th avatar?
Apparently, more evil than Ward Dragon and JACOBryanBURNS combined ^__^
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Orion is my alter ego, he is also a vampire, a demon, a superhero, close personal friend of the Justice Leage and Lara Croft's nephew

Pretty active imagination if I say so myself. I try to write fiction...
- Thou shalt not twist, lick nor dunk me -
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My name is actually my original name just written in Serbian and with Lara's last name.

And my avatar is the Linkin Park Hybrid Theory album cover but edited a bit.
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