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This reminds me of a time when a woman was at the zoo and wondered over to the lions cages.

There was a sign clearly stating Do Not Put Arms In Cage but she thought she would.

She lost her arm and the lion lost it's life.

It didn't seem fair at all.
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He should of fought it off with a palm frond


(lol just noticed they happened on same day, halfway across the world from each other)
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I feel sorry for the guy too, it's horrible to lose part of his limb that way, but they can't blame the alligator. He was asking for trouble when he went into a canal KNOWN to have alligators.
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I don't feel sorry for the kid, it was completely his fault.
I'm assuming he will never see his arm again though.

and this really isn't too far from where I live...
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What a waste of a good opportunity to help curb the stupid human population.
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