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Inside hospitals
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Best Buy. Still a student as well.

Not hating against students who don't work, though, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I work because I have to pay my bills, but otherwise, I would stay home and put all my focus into my studies. It's a nice luxury to have, and for those members who have that option, don't let anyone make you feel bad, I think it's a great thing.
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I have to work to go to college so they come hand in hand. Bloody chiltern bloody railways.
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I'm working at PetSmart as a "Pet Care Specialist" while I finish my English degree.

I love what I do in terms of working with the animals, but at the end of the day, it's still retail. I still have customers telling me I don't know what I'm doing because I'm not a damn vet and/or mindreader, I still have to work with folks who can't get out of the high school drama mentality, I still get paid crap even after working my ass off, I still have to watch other people get BS promotions... But hey, that's why I'm in college. Or so I tell myself.

Regarding the student job thing, if folks can afford to not have a job while in school, good for them. It certainly makes like a lot more stressful (although as much as I hate my job, I like it more than school), and if you're a tradtional freshman college student, it is a good idea to get comfortable with college before worrying about a job.

But I do think you miss out some good experiences when you don't have a job. It can be a good place to meet people, and it allows for a certain degree of autonomy, which is great. I hated having to ask my parents for money. And I dunno... I know everyone's different and in different situations, but I really don't find it that hard to be a "full-time" student and work 30 hours a week.

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the morningstar
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Im currently working weekends at a pub, and volunteer at the blue cross tuesdays and fridays but im back to colege next week.
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Originally Posted by domina View Post
Ooooohhhh what a cutie!
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Still at school, currently in two newsagents

Originally Posted by Larapink View Post
Sorry but thats no excuse, alot of Students study and work at the same time.
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I sell fish... and it smells alot... >.<
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I work in a riding school teaching children the basics of horse riding .
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student... all this work and you don't get paid (if you call an education money)
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