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Los Angeles
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Trilogies are fine, but I prefer a single story, only 'cause I wanna see a new franchise every game...
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Scott x
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Single story.

And I don't think TRLR TRC and AOD where a trilogy atal. TRLR was a stand alone story, the only thing that connects it to TRC and AoD is Lara's apparent demise but AoD was the beginning of a trilogy.
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Tomb Raider
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We already had a trilogy: Legend, Anniversary and Underworld was all one story.
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I don't mind trilogies or sequels really. If its a single game, great, but I want every lose end to be summed up to satisfaction, and a long 16 leveled game. If it a trilogiy/sequel thing, I'd like at least ten levels in the game and suspence. I don't want to have to know that it'll be contiued, I want it to be obvious, like Legend.
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Long, single story.
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