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Default Storytime

It's storytime, but first, the framework.

I'm not telling any secrets or violating any confidentiality or anyone's privacy. Everything I'm saying is just what you'd see on a "Making of" video on the disc of a game or a movie, had we had time to make one. This is just information that is too detailed for mainstream press to be interested in, but fans do care about. No gossip here, no dirt by a disgrunted employee, because I'm not disgrunted. And I'm only going to do it today (sorry for those of you on GMT). Not only does it take too much time, which I should be spending looking for my next gig, but other websites are taking me out of context and writing sensasionalistic (and incorrect) headlines and summaries of what I'm saying, and I don't want to earn any undeserved reputations. It might even be too late on that score, so after today, you might not hear from me again other than perhaps the ocassional cameo.

I'm sorry for those who missed the two days I was answering non-story questions, but a ton of questions got answered and hopefully what you wanted to know is there somewhere. Any questions about non-story issues that turn up in this thread should not be shouted down necessarily, and if I see a good non-story question that's not something I already talked about, I'll post an answer, but it's unlikely given what I've seen. But I won't be checking any other thread today.

First, thank you very much for all the kind words about the WGA nomination, even from those who didn't like the story or the dialog. And yes, the irony is undeniable, but we all knew (Eidos and Crystal and me) about the nomination last week, before the layoff. Like I said, my departure was about having too many talented captains in the studio, and when the music stopped, I didn't have a chair, if I can mix metaphors. Staffing isn't just about talent, it's about need, and as I have said, the real world is too messy to label simply.

I'll start talking about the story in my next post, coming shortly, but I wanted to say one more thing first. And it's about all this Toby Gard nonsense. Talk about a scapegoat! Over the years, nothing tempted me to post more than to set the record straight about Toby. I don't remember reading a single accusation about Toby that I didn't know to be falsely attributed to him alone. Some of what I hear was someone else's work, and much of what I have heard is as much my fault as his. So really, stop hating him, or start hating me, I don't see any other logical choice. Toby is very smart, well versed in many disciplines, has great instincts, and always a valuable asset to the Tomb Raider effort.

I'm going to start with a basic "Making of" narrative, again, not violating any confidences but just providing info only fans would care about.

Back soon. Feel free to post questions in the meantime...

Oh, one more thing. Don't ask about the future. I won't even acknowledge any such question...I mean it this time! Not only because it violates my confidentiality, but because I DON'T KNOW. Future game teams can do whatever they want, and I don't know what that could be. Will Natla come back infuture games? The Joker keeps coming back even though movies keep killing him, because future directors want him to. The future will be whatever those in the future wants to make it into. So don't ask me!

Back soon,

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Eric! the story was so epic! No really I love the story, but I wish that you didn't cut Jessica and Peter...but ok.....Cant waite for next post!!
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The only thing I wanna know is why Toby rejoined the TR team and was okay with putting Lara in a bikini and a dress with real deep cleavage, when he moaned, whined and left because they used some sexy stuff for TR2 ads? Or is that all just false?
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*passes out*

Thank you for taking the time to post this for us.
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Default some new questions

eric, first of all thank you for a brilliant game. I have been a tomb raider fan since tr1, an played it in all incarnations (even the ngage port lol) and for me personally, underworld was not only the best tomb raider to date, but a real service to fans. thanks again, you and you're team really delivered.

my questions:

1 is there a tomb raider canon? between the games, movies, and comics, there have been so many stories and characters, I have always been curious as to if there was a set of standards that you were required to stick by? or with each new release were you (and core prior) given 100% freedom?

2 while you were developing the most recent games was there anything drastic or large thrown around that was just never executed? ideas that we may see in the future? things such as multiplayer, (I could see a sort of non linear race for artifacts, with a world map and expansive locations being killer, not to mention a sick reboot) or abandoning lara herself in favor of a style related series rather than continuous (eg final fantasy or silent hill, different characters but same style of game) or anything else that would be a huge departure?

3 last one, so much of the discussion among I believe the media, game players, and inside the industry about these ideas of interaction versus accessibility and unscripted freedom versus a scripted controlled story. personally I found underworld to be a massive success in these regards, with a great balance between well written story and less linear environments with scalable difficulty and the hints system. something I considered a failure, especially after playing underworld , was the new prince of persia, for me it felt like I was playing a rhythm game not experiencing an adventure, and the non linearity for me, only made me feel like the story was only there to provide a basic motive for the mario like level paths. it also felt to easy. anyway, my question is this, do you see tomb raider and/or the industry in general heading down the more open accessible path because it sells more, to the point where it further hurts both hardcore gamers like myself, and creative professionals like you? thanks again for underworld and you're help. I wish you the best and you made my year in gaming a fantastic one.

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Cool, cant wait, thanks Eric.
Valar Hodoris.
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Amazing, can't wait Eric.

I am hyped up now. DAMN YOU!
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Originally Posted by Carbonek_0051 View Post
Amazing, can't wait Eric.

I am hyped up now. DAMN YOU!

I know I dont want to leave! Cause I know next time I come back there will be 50 some pages to read... and the husband will just shake his head and smile...
Valar Hodoris.
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Can you say anything about:

a) why/how the Avalon portals were used to communicate across time in Legend, but when Underworld rolled around that aspect was apparently dropped?

b) When was the fate of Amelia determined, and was the way in played out in Underworld all you really had planned for it?
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It's okay, 2 of my questions where about the story, I understand you couldn't answer them. Once of them was about Larson's character in Anniversary....

Anyway, thank you Eric, I am sure you will find another place to work soon.

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