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Default Medion usb graphics tablet problem (version 41217)

Hi i got this tablet, made by tevion (now known as medion... XD www.medion.co.uk) aaages ago, about 3 years before! ive only now decided to test it out.

I installed the driver found at medion.co.uk, and the pen works, as does the board, pressue etc. everything works fine apart from when i lift the pen up for a little break (or more than a bloody centimetre! this distance is so hard to mantain so im getting peed off) the cursor goes to the top left of the screen, and when i go back down it kinda registers me as clicking and asks me to close windows :S picture for more help:

also, the pen has two buttons, supposed to be right and left click. when i press the button thats supposed to be "left click", the exact same thing happens, as if i lifted the poen and then placed it down, except it happens in oen click, cursor moves, and i instantly get a popup followed by a message asking me if i want to close :/

so sorry if this is really hard to follow, i can try explaining certain points more if you want. thanks so much!
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The tablet must have some settings. Look them through first to configure the pen behaviour.

What software do you use your tablet in?
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