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Default Tutorials INDEX


Below is a list of tutorials that can be used when you use the original TRLE for your game.
They can also be used when using NGLE/TRNG.

Levelbuilding - general
These tutorials deal with the basics, but also with the more advanced skills of levelbuilding.

Installing the Level Editor
Installing Custom Levels
- This tutorial is about installing custom levels when those levels are not playable directly from the downloaded and unzipped folder, like all levels at trle.net are these days.

Level Editor Tutorial - for the beginner
- This tutorial teaches you, step by step, the basics of shaping, texturing and lighting a room and making the level playable.
Tomb Raider Level Editor Tutorial for Beginners (The Basics)
- This tutorial teaches you, step by step, the basics of shaping, texturing and lighting a room and placing objects.

Creating A Level- Covering Many Aspects
How to make a "working" levelset
- This tutorial shows the steps you can take from basic initial ideas to actual environments, objects and atmosphere.

Advanced texturing
Advanced lighting to create an atmospheric level
Diagonal ledges
- This tutorial shows you how to build diagonal flat ledges.

Tutorials on how to make your level look better
Flipmap tutorial
How to use a horizon
Uvavoo's Data Sheets
Some scripting and segmenting walls for proper texturing
Animating Textures
- Some info on animation range and UV-rotating on roomgeometry and objects.

Understand and Calculate Global Coordinates

Visualizing Fantasies

Bottom Right Corner Pitch-Black Blink: Where Is The Line
- Experiencing a ptich-black blinking of the environment in certain parts of your level? Chances are those rooms have been built in the bottom right corner of the 2D view window in the editor.
This tutorial shows you the zone where the blinking starts so it will be easier to stay away from it, without error and trial.

[Fixing] Prj crash due missing PCX/TGA
"I did something wrong with my PC and now TRLE tools won't work!" - answered here

We all know the TR4 engine, which is used for the TRLE, is limited. Limited in all sorts of ways but also limited in how much it can render at some given time.
Lots of players experience lagging in custom games, especially in large areas and/or areas stuffed with detailed objects. And even with high-end computers...
Here are a few things you can keep in mind while building your level, things that can reduce lagging, when using large open areas and more detailed textures and objects:
Understanding importance of using small rooms versus big rooms
Optimizing - things we can do to reduce lagging

Sound Issues: audio and sfx
- Basic info on sfx and audio format.
No sound? Sounds missing? Wrong pitch? Come here for solutions to your problems!

Enemie setups
How to make the DEMIGOD1 shake Lara off walls
- Remember how the Hammer God makes Lara fall off walls? Here's how you do it!
Multiple Baddies setup
- This tutorial is about activating new enemies after others have died.
The Mutant Egg setup
Making the Scorpion an ally

Puzzle and other objects setups
Mine detonation setup
- Tutorial on how to setup the mine(field) detonation like it was used in TR4 Street Bazar.
Monkey switch setup
- The monkey pulling the ceiling-switch.
The obelisk puzzle
- The puzzle where you have to use the turnswitch to point the obelisks in the right direction.

Pole Swinging, Tightrope and Zipline tutorial
- This tutorial tells you how to setup a swingpole, a tightrope and a zipline within the original TRLE.

How to add more waterfalls to your wad
- A wad only has three WATERFALL slots. Need more different waterfalls in your level? This tutorial describes how you can do that.

Trap setups

Effects and graphics
Creating a Water Light Reflection
- create a shiny watersurface using an object
Fog bulbs and bump mapping
Fun with Shininess and Reflection!
- This tutorial is all about applying shine to your objects and the effects you can create with it.
How to set up a Global Lens Flare
Lightning and sparks
- The setups for the different types of electric arcs, sparks and lightning effects.
Overlapping water room trick (Snow effect)
Sliding floor
- A flat floor that Lara performs her sliding animatins on.

Customizing texts and item coordinates in the inventory
Load Camera Coordinates explained
Some scripting and segmenting walls for proper texturing

OCB codes
OCB code list
- This list contains the OCB codes for the regular TRLE objects.
- The extra TRNG OCB codes can be found in NG-Center Reference.

TRLE Sprites - The Complete List
- Sprites are images used for certain effects ingame, like fire, smoke, water, etc.
- This is the complete list of the sprite numbers and for which effect they are used.

Guide, Von Croy and Jean Yves
Jean Yves

Level texturing
"Alien" level tutorial
- A small tutorial on how to use pictures of ordinary things for more alien looking levels.
How to make watery greatness
- A tutorial on how to make water more realistic by layering textures.

Object texturing
Faster texturing in Blender
UV Mapping - How to texture objects under Metasequoia

Textures - Where to get them?
Textures - Where to get them?
- not a tutorial but a thread with links to various texturesites/downloads, including links to various remade classic TR texturesets.

Taking ingame screenshots
Manipulating the camera for screenshots
- A tutorial on manipulating the camera in such a way that you can take ingame screenshots from different angles.

TREP is the Tomb Raider Engine Patcher. It is a program which can be used to patch the original (or XP-patched) tomb4.exe so you can use new features in your levels.
It can not be used with the TRNG tomb4.exe!!!!

Ledge Climb control with TREP
Making Guns And Ammo, and Other Items
Making pistol ammo limited
TREP Flipeffect Editor and Timer Editor User Codes
TREP Exploding patch - What works
Using TREP's custom patch editor to give Baddy1 unlimited ammo

Animation and cutscenes
The tutorials listed below are about animating objects (including Lara) and making cutscenes.

Creating Custom Animations
Creating Cutscenes
Lara's animations - the complete list
Meshtree editing - When to "pop" and when to "push" when building a meshtree.
- Each animating object has a meshtree. A meshtree determines the order in which the meshes are placed and how they are connected.
Meshtree editing - Using TRWad Reorganizer to change position of gunflash
- Custom baddies often have their gunflash connected to the worng mesh. In this thread you can find out how to reorganize the baddy's meshtree to reposition the gunflash.
TRW Editor: mirroring and transferring animations
- A tutorial on how to use TRW Editor to mirror and transfer animations.

Metasequoia (Meta for short) is a program used to edit meshes.
So you can use this program to make your own custom objects for your levels, including new outfits and inventory for Lara.

Meta tutorial of a lantern
Creating objects with Metaseqouia
Creating a horizon
Metasequoia Tutorial
Creating new outfits
Meta - several video tutorials of making objects.
Meta - How to "draw" an object in 3D
UV Mapping - How to texture objects under Metasequoia

The following tutorial is not really a tutorial on how to use Meta.
It is more of a "tips and tricks" tutorial on how to make natural looking plants, using Meta and STRPix.
How to make custom plants

How to apply textures in Meta

Meta2TR can be used to enhance the graphics of your level by exporting all rooms and objects with meta2tr.exe. You can then edit the extracted .MQO files in Metasequoia after which they can be converted again to a new playable tr4.
Meta2TR Homepage

Meta2TR - An advanced workflow using Metasequoia as an editor
Meta2TR - Tip on how to animate tree leaves fastly

STRpix is a program used to texture objects, give them lighting (only possible on static objects) and to export/import DFX files for editing in Meta.
STRPix is also used for "remapping vertices" which is often needed to make Lara's joint meshes connect to her skin meshes properly.
Another feature is the possibility to adjust collision on static objects.

A guide to remapping outfits
- Have you made a new outfit for Lara and now her joints are stretching into infinity? Remapping is needed! But there'smore to it than just renaming vertices. Here's guide about which rules you should take into account.

Remapping vertices with Strpix
- A simple remapping example.

The Light Editor
- Flat lookign statics? Add highlights and shadows to your statics using the Light Editor.

COLLISION - Adding collision to statics and animatings
- Oops... Lara can walk straight through your new objects? Here's a tutorial on how to add collision to them.

Editwad tutorial: Merging 2 Objects without retexturing
- With Editwad you can export meshes as .MQO files. They won't be textured when you open them in Meta but the textures do stay intact, unlike with .dxf files.- This tutorial shows how you can merge two objects without having to retexture the entire object.

Wadmerger allows you to add and remove objects from your levelwad, as well as adding sounds to a wad/object.
Wadmerger also has a Sound Manager, Animation Editor, Sprite Editor, Switch Manager and AI Editor.

COLLISION - Adding collision to statics and animatings
- Oops... Lara can walk straight through your new objects? Here's a tutorial on how to add collision to them.

Image editing and objecttexturing
These tutorials show you some tips and trick when it comes to editing images, like textures and fonts, and how to prep textures for use on objects.

Custom Font Tutorial
- This tutorial shows you how to make new font images for use in Leikurri.
Texturing Tutorial part 1
Creating Textures with Photoshop
NGLE - How to create HD textures
Setting up for making custom UV textures via Metasequoia
Seamless scrolling waterfall object texture
Teme9's texturing & modelling method for enemies and complicated objects
Texture Rendering - Seamless textures IN-GAME [Border Issue]
UV Mapping - How to texture objects under Metasequoia

TextureAdd is a program which can be used to add new textures to your wad.

TextureAdd Tutorials
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The tutorials listed below can only be used if you are creating your level using TRNG. TRNG is an updated version of the original TRLE, called NGLE, and it has its own tomb4.exe.
TRNG allows for a whole lot of new possibilities for both gameplay and graphics.

NGLE Encyclopedia
- This tutorial provides you with a link to the original NGLE Encyclopedia tutorial on Skribblerz, which was made for TRNG
- The tutorial contains an addendum for

NGLE manual
- this link leads to the TRNG section on Skribblerz. The page contains numerous TRLE/TRNG related tutorials, including some that can be found here.

TRNG – Comparing miscellaneous old (TRLE) and new (TRNG) setups to each other

New moves for Lara, interaction with objects other than a regular puzzle- or keyhole, etc.
TRNG - Animation: Animation Scripting
- Make all sorts of new moves possible through scripting.
- The tutorial only covers some of the moves that were previously made possible with TREP.

TRNG - Diagonal ledges - hanging from a diagonal ledge
- This tutorial shows you how to build diagonal flat ledges.
- The addendum shows you how you can make Lara grab a diagonal ledge by using parallelbars and TRNG animation scripting.

TRNG - Force Lara to unhand at a polerope's end
- By default Lara keeps climbing even if a polerope has ended, either above or below the placed poleropes.
- This tutorial teaches you how to make poleropes which end, like the poles and stalactites in TRA/TRL/TRU.

TRNG - Underwater - Actions
- This tutorial thread contains multiple examples on how to make Lara interact with objects when she is underwater.

TRNG - Audio: changing the audio when Lara enters a certain environment
- Change the background audio when Lara enters a different environment in which the audio can't be changed through regular triggering.
- The tutorial covers a change of background audio when going underwater.
- This same setup can also be used to change other things when entering a certain environment.

TRNG - New audio engine
- Audio can play at two different channels simulateously, volume can be changed, etc.
- All WAV formats, MP3 adn OGG can now be used. No more converting to the lower quality TRLE wav format needed!

TRNG - Activation and deactivation of cameras
- Using the new (A41, A45) triggers instead of the classic camera triggers, for static/flyby cameras.
- Using the new (A42) trigger instead of the classic TARGET triggers, for static camera targets.
- Using new static camera effects, with F119 or F123 triggers.
- Using demo cutscene cameras, even out of cutscenes.
- Customizing basic (chase, combat, look) cameras.

Change Lara's physics (jumping speed etc), the amount of air in her lungs when underwater, make her scream when on fire, etc.

TRNG – Controlling Lara’s interaction with Moveable objects
- The title says it all... The moveable objects include vehicles, crowbar switch, pulley, falling block, pushable, rope, rollingball, parallel bar, switches.

TRNG - Fire: Make Lara scream when on fire
- Ever noticed how Lara never screams when she's on fire? Well, with this tutorial you now can make her scream!

TRNG - Grip Bar Tutorial
- A tutorial on how to accomplish an AOD style gripbar, with Lara having limited strength.

TRNG – Some features about Lara hanging
- A tutorial on some "hanging" features: on a climbable wall and a couple of things having to do with Lara hanging on a rope.

TRNG – Inventory: Adjusting/studying a bigger amount of ammo/medipack/flare during the game
- Ever wanted to adjust the amount of items (flares and weapon ammo's) in Lara's inventory? Here's how to do it through some scripting and the use of variables.

TRNG - Underwater - Change the amount of time Lara can stay underwater
- Change the amount of time Lara can stay underwater, either decreasing her air faster or slower.

TRNG – Some special states of Lara
- Some things related to Lara's air, dashing, the mechanical scarab and activating things after Lara is dead (before the jump to the menu takes place).

TRNG – Collision
- a tutorial about the different types of collision that are available within TRNG.

TRNG - Diary feature: Diary + Load + Save in one item
- a tutorial on how to put Diary, Load Game and Save Game options all in one object, like in TREP.

TRNG - Fix binoculars bug
- fixes the bug that the binoculars are not visible when Lara is looking in a mirror through the binoculars.

TRNG - Flare customisation
- Tutorial on how to use the Customize=CUST_FLARE, ** script.

TRNG – Flares/Torch - A couple of interesting torch/flare statuses
- some very interesting stuff about torches and flares in here.

TRNG – Flycheat special
- some things regarding the flycheat which you could find usefull in your level.

TRNG - Instruction sheets
- Usefull instructionsheets to help you better organize your TRNG stuff, like the script.
- NOTE: link in the tutorial seems to be dead...

TRNG - "Lara's Home" in Main Menu
- With TREP it is possible to add an extra "Lara's Home" entry to the main menu, kinda like you could select Croft Manor from the Main Menu in TR1-TR3.
Now, with some scripting, this is also possible with TRNG.
- The "Lara's Home" (or whatever you want to call it) can't be selected with the cursor: a hotkey is needed.

TRNG - FMV - Playing an FMV
- FMV's can be used with the TRNG engine.
- This tutorial tells you more about it.

TRNG - Save Game panels
- Tired of the default gamebackground when loading or saving a game? Learn more about the SaveGamePanel here.

Animatings, switches, doors and puzzles
TRNG – Activation and deactivation of moveable objects
- What is activation and deactivation exactly? And which triggers can or have to be used in the old TRLE and in TRNG.

TRNG - Advanced Puzzle with Rolling Balls (Exploding RollingB.)
- This tutorial describes how you can make two rollingballs collide and explode when they hit each other.
- You can create the illusion that something is hidden inside the rollingballs.

TRNG - Customized switch sequences
- This tutorial is about setting up multiple switches and only the specific order in which the switches are used will trigger the event.

TRNG - Iron door with wheel switch (TR2-TR5 style)
- This tutorial shows you how to set up a door which has to be opened with a wheelswitch that's attached to the door. Like in TR2 and in TRC, the submarine levels.

TRNG - Placing Special objects
- This tutorial is about placing objects and giving them a new position, like switches and pickups not being in the middle of the tile, parallelbars not being in the middle of the tile, etc.

TRNG - Spinning objects on pedestal
- Objects can be made to spin without having to animate them.
- This tutorial teaches you how to make a pickup item spin.

TRNG - Sprinkler
- How to use the sprinkler multiple times and changing the length of the sprikler's effects.

TRNG - TRC Bird Switch - Starter Set Up and Tutorial
- Info on how to set up and use the birdswitch from TRC

TRNG - TRC Submarine crowbar pickup
- A tutorial about setting up the TRC crowbar pickup (taking it off a wall) using TestPosition= and Animation= scripting.

TRNG - Hidden Triggers
- This tutorial is all about the "hidden triggers" in TRNG. "Hidden triggers" are events that can be triggered even when there is not a ready-to-go trigger for it in NGLE.

- A bunch of tutorials dealing with trigger adjustment, identification, working methods, etc.
TRNG – Simulating new trigger structures in the map
TRNG – Trigger activators
TRNG – Trigger adjustment and identification
TRNG – TriggerGroups – how to use them
TRNG - Trigger interactions
TRNG – Trigger working methods
TRNG – Using triggers only once

TRNG - How to create a trap using flipmaps
- Use flipmaps to create a trap.

TRNG - How to make Lara teleport
- With TRNG you can make Lara instantly teleport from one place to another within the level.

TRNG – Light effects
- Lots of information about different types of light effects.

TRNG - Ocean watersurface reflection tutorial guideline
- This tutorial is about how to make an endless looking oceansurface with a detailed horizon around, instead of distant fog

TRNG - Portable Light System (PLS)
- A tutorial about making a PLS work in two ways: an endless one which can be switched on and off at will and one with a limited burnign time.

TRNG – Sky control with variables
- Some things that have to do with the horizon, sky-graphics and lightning. The sky is the limit!

TRNG - Water prints on camera lens
- This tutorial teaches you how to make rain/snow drops and stripes appear on the screen

TRNG - Customizing texts and item coordinates in the inventory
- Not strictly a TRNG tutorial but there is a paragraph with specific TRNG stuff in it.

TRNG – Font types for WindowsFont
- In here is a list of standard Windows fonts which can be used with the WindowsFont script on all computers.
- The list is a work in progress and is open for change.

TRNG - Text tutorial
- Stuff about printing text(s) on screen

TRNG - Timers – A couple of interesting situations with timers
- Things you can do with timers.

TRNG - Timers - Screen timer types
- The difference between the classic timer and the TRNG timer and how to use them.

TRNG - Timers - Some examples
- Some examples of what you can do with timers.
  • Assaultcourse - Make Lara say different things depending on how much time it took her to complete the timed run on the assault course.

TRNG – Conditions for targeting
- This tutorial is about using targeting conditions, like "if Lara is targeting enemy in this or that way, then make this or that happen".

TRNG – Reloading ammo
- This tutorial will show an example for a setup if you want to change clips manually when the ammunition runs out..

TRNG - Single Pistol & Single Uzi
- This tutorial is about turning the dual pistols and uzis into single guns.

TRNG – Weapons in/on the hands/holsters/back
- This tutorial is about using conditions which have to do with Lara's actual weapon and/or the weapon in/on her hands/holsters/back.

TRNG - Weapons - Starting a level with another weapon "activated"
- This tutorial is about starting a level with a weapon other than Lara's default dual pistols.

TRNG – Weapon status (lasersight attached, ammo loaded etc.)

TRNG – Fog/ambience light color conditions
- Things you can do by using fog and ambience light colour conditions.
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